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Dear Customer, we are happy to welcome you at our website. The very fact that you are here means that you perfectly know exactly what you need and seek for quality products and as well as services. We are always ready to assist you regrading all your requirements and requests.

My Canadian Pharmacy integrates an effective medicine dispatch arrangement. How does this benefit you as a drugstore customer? First and foremost, we significantly reduce your time by offering a best drug choice in one single place. In addition, we provide quality guarantee and reliability of every single item, which are produced by certified and well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers. Moreover, our main focus lies on low-priced generic medications or greatly discounted branded drugs. Ensuring availability and easy accessibility of healthcare products, regardless of insurance status or income level, is the main mission of our company. Our place fits best the families with a limited budget, which makes us the most suitable place to purchase affordable medication both branded and generic.

You can be certain that our highly qualified pharmacy specialists and trained staff members are always available to provide step-by-step help to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and the best services. Feel free to use our online contact form to ask any questions related to your shopping experience at our pharmacy or use of any medication. As the first line of assistance, we offer all the necessary information related to proper administration of medications. However, it is still highly advisable that you seek for actual consultation from healthcare specialist, and undergo physical examination, receive a complete diagnosis, and appropriate prescription information.

Factors Contributing to Canadian Pharmacy Being Successful

  • The best policy of price-quality meds;
  • Secure and quick delivery methods;
  • Integrated customer’s help and support.

After all, My Canadian Pharmacy does not represent an ordinary online drugstore, but a progressive concept store. It’s been 2 decades by now, that the pharmacy has been managing to remain among the best as part of continuous evolvement of services and low-price range maintenance. We always respond to feedbacks from our clients and stretch our limits to satisfy their needs anytime and anywhere.

The products offered at our pharmacy fully comply with all international standards of shoppers around the globe, while maintaining a low-price environment. We do our work with complete dedication and commitment while providing simplicity and comfort to all our customers. Our successful online business and popularity among the clients over the past years represent a noteworthy proof of our company’s authentic dedication and honest care for wellbeing of each and every customer.

Our Quality Standards

Among the activities carried out by our Canadian pharmacy for its customers is the Pharmaceutical quality assurance service: our company deals with implementing quality systems, fundamental for medical and pharmaceutical companies and, thanks to the Certifications of its Quality System to ISO standards 9001, carries out audits and offers a quality control service to sponsors and partners in relation to production systems.

The person in charge of the QA is, in fact, is a figure of fundamental importance in the pharmaceutical sector: it can be internal to the company, where it operates however in total autonomy from the other sectors, or external. At times we entrust the audits on the quality of the pharmacies supplied and the verifications concerning the possession of the requisites provided for by ISO 9001, to an external professional, so as to guarantee greater objectivity to the checks carried out.

At the base of any Quality system, that is the set of rules according to which the work of a CRO or a research and pharmaceutical development center must be carried out, there are the SOPs (acronym of Standard Operating Procedure), a set of instructions in written form that describe the actions and processes that are most frequently performed within any organization that deals with pharmaceutical research and development.

The Quality Assurance manager is responsible for the development and validation of the SOPs that proceeds in parallel with the development of quality systems by the company itself.

The SOPs, which can be developed within the CRO or may be prescribed by a sponsor in studies and other services commissioned by it, describe the operations that take place in a specific area and pertain to a broader set of activities that are generally described from the quality system or from the quality manual.

Address and Contacts

  • 5129 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, USA
  • Phone: (412) 285-1060

Top 5 Medications at My Canadian Pharmacy

Our service is famous for the extensive choice of reasonably priced and well-known products for men’s health. Feel free to select from excellent choice of products to cure ED (Erectile Dysfunction), as well as the generic versions from famous drug manufacturers for reduced price. Nevertheless, medications to cure other health conditions are also available at our online pharmacy.

Generic Viagra is a perfect alternative to the branded drug. Over the past few years, a number of pharmaceutical companies have obtained the license to manufacture sildenafil. Viagra is an ED treatment drug for oral administration that restores erectile capacity for 4 hours. In addition, Generic Viagra represents a drug that is taken based on one’s necessity. Generally, generic Viagra should be taken 60 minutes prior to planned sexual activity. The major active component included in generic Viagra is sildenafil. Sildenafil dilates the blood vessel walls, aiding the body to absorb sufficient blood volumes required to facililtate erection. However, generic Viagra does not have any effect on sexual drive, but rather provides means of controlling erectile mechanisms efficiently for a healthy, strong and lasting erection.

Generic Cialis is considered a number one rival of generic Viagra. Providing a 36-hours erection, Cialis today represents the ED drug with the longest acting effects. After Cialis patent owned by the original developer has expired, other pharmaceutical manufacturers have filed applications to receive a license to produce generic versions of Cialis. Nowadays, Generic Cialis includes similar active constituents, such as tadalafil, but comes at much lower price. Generic Cialis that is available in tadalafil 2.5mg or 5mg dosage can be taken on daily basis, regardless of expected sexual intercourses. Tadalafil that comes in 10mg – 20mg doses (40mg pills are provided by a limited number of pharmaceutical manufacturers), should be taken 40-60 minutes before the anticipated sexual activity whenever required. Cialis generally aids its consumers to produce long-lasting (up to 36 hours) erections at any time, provided there is a sexual arousal.

Generic Levitra is a medication for oral administration possesses a comparable mechanism and also belongs to PDE5 inhibitors group of meds. However, due to a reduced number of associated side effects, this medication has a competitive advantage. Based on independent researches, men suffering from diabetes mellitus tend to achieve the best results in terms of erection with help of Levitra. The effectivity of this drug is mild, but still very considerable. Since its original introduction back in 2003, the popularity of Levitra has never dropped due to direct relation of ED to diabetic health conditions. The active substance of Levitra is vardenafil and can be found in its generic form at reduced price. Approximately 60 minutes after the oral administration, patient gets to enjoy the erection that can last up to 4 hours, provided there is a sexual stimulation.

Kamagra is among the most famous generic versions of Viagra and has sildenafil as its main active ingredient. Nowadays, the number of people requiring generic medications keeps growing on daily basis. Even insurance companies around the world tend to encourage their customers to use of generic medications. Even though Kamagra comes at a much lower price, these two medications have similar effects. Whenever there is a sexual arousal, sildenafil helps to promote and maintain the strong erection. Sildenafil alone does not stimulate any sexual drive. Kamagra is required to be taken approximately 60 minutes before engaging in a sexual activity. Kamagra tends to eliminate any erectile dysfunction symptoms and promote a sufficient firmness and durability of erections up to 4 hours. Kamagra contains 50mg – 100 mg of sildenafil.

Apart from reduced price, patients who prefer generic medications are also able enjoy other benefits. Consumers receive the flexibility to adjust their therapies based the prescribed drug and recommended dosage. Since these medications are generic, then consumers also receive flexibility to adjust the speed of effect, the medication form, and flavour.

Video review about our company

20 Times Canadian Pharmacy Beat The Competition

The history of MCP is around two decades by now. Yet the company still maintains the primary aim of satisfying diversified customers’ demands and requests, same as it had been done 20 years ago. With every year passed, our company aims to come up with another reason for you to pick us as your preferred online drugstore. If necessary, you can familiarize yourself with a complete list of reasons why you are encouraged to trust the expertise and experience of our company:

  1. The widest online selection of healthcare products;
  2. Around 90% price reduction in comparison with any local drugstore;
  3. Established international delivery all over the globe;
  4. Professional level of customer support;
  5. Special offers codes even for unregistered customers;
  6. Diversified loyalty programs for subscribed consumers;
  7. Straightforward order registration with a highly responsive and comfortable interface;
  8. Complimentary samples of medications with every online order;
  9. Special deals with free shipping;
  10. Reliable insurance of shipment;
  11. Automatic reminders of refills (opt-in option);
  12. All-rounded informational support;
  13. Various generic versions of medications of diversified brands;
  14. Effective methods of shipment and delivery;
  15. Various payment methods;
  16. Secure checkout;
  17. Reliable anonymity during order placement;
  18. Discreet packaging of orders;
  19. Safe and hack-proof anti-spam policy;
  20. Personal discounts for big purchases.

Top 7 PROS of Online Pharmacy vs. Local Pharmacy

#1 Reduced price range and valuable discounts

Being a completely digital company, MCP is able to reduce unnecessary costs associated with industrial rental and additional workforce support. All the funds savings are returned to customers in form of premium-quality medical goods as well as reliable services customer care methods. Being our client, you are only required to pay for the medications and work processing fees involved in drug manufacturing, logistics and product preparation. Our management team never does not require to bear the extra costs associated with brand name maintenance as well as other expenditures related to business.

#2 Stress-free customer experience

Sometimes, it is really challenging to find the required medication from the local pharmacies, and the searching process consumes a lot of time and effort. You are able to simplify your life by switching to ordering online via PC or mobile app. Online orders are all confidential, hence there is no need to worry about personal information being released to public. In addition, there is no need to personally meet with a pharmacist or waiting in a long queue to receive the prescribed medication. The order you have placed, will be wrapped in a discreet and unmarked envelope containing your name and address only, and then sent to the location specified by you.

#3 System of notifications

Upon completing the registration and subscription to our notifications system, each user receives a wide range of savings and value deals from our pharmacy. If any of the items of your interest or that you have previously purchased, are under discounts or part of value deals, you will be directly notified about that via our smart notifications. This unique and intelligent method aims to aid each user in saving money on medical expenditures, while receiving high-quality products.

#4 Reliable Services

In addition, it is worth pointing out that the services offered at our pharmacy aim to further complement the entire shopping experience of every customer at MCP. With us you can save more, while choosing the best and most fit-for-purpose medical solutions with assistance of our specialists and online Support Team. We welcome everyone to select from a wide variety of complimentary services, such as referral to online medical consultation free of charge, auto refills of prescribed drugs, personal shopping assistant, delivery insurance, discount auto-notifications, customer support, valuable news feed and many more.

#5 The Cost-Effective Refund Policy

The level of our success can be easily measured by not only the overall volume of sales, but rather by satisfaction of all our customers. Our highly developed system assists in collecting customer feedbacks and performing necessary upgrades and changes whenever necessary. Our money-back guarantee policy provides each customer with confidence to receive the money back, if they are not satisfied with the product quality. This policy is among our essential values of delivering the ultimate satisfaction and premium-class of services to all clients.

#6 Free consultations given by experts

If you require any assistance in understanding your health conditions better, you can rely on our website as your trusted partner, who is always ready to provide swift assistance with help of our committed professionals. Send all your queries to us via specifically provided contact forms or seek for an online consultation free of charge. However, it is worth mentioning that any services provided in this section are still not able to fully replace the actual visit to your local pharmacist. Other than that, our system represents an excellent way to receive quick responses to all your questions, while waiting for your GP scheduled appointment. Always make sure to refer to your healthcare specialist regarding all matters that require immediate attention.

#7 Privacy of every order and consultation

Our customer’s privacy is among our top priorities. Hereby, all the personal information shared by our customers is stored with great care at all times. All the private information will be safely kept with us, mostly when it comes to payment security and package confidentiality during delivery stage. We protect all your personal data, so be sure that it is not shared with anybody, unless requested.

Family Care Pharmacy: Items For Every Age, Condition & Gender

Shopping at our pharmacy provides you with flexibility to purchase medications for all family members regardless of age, gender, or health conditions. You can even find the treatment for your pets as well. This kind of approach does not only offer the comfort of getting all you require at one place, but also results in impressive savings of the budget, efforts and time. The level of savings is directly proportional to the volume of order. In addition, you tend to save a lot on shipping-associated costs and can even stand a chance to enjoy free shipping whenever more than $150.00 is spent in a single receipt.

Whenever your order totals up to $300.00 or more, you can get in touch with our customer service representatives to discuss the eligibility for a personal discount. That is the main advantage of purchasing several medications in a single receipt. Likewise, each customer can benefit not only from rational price ranges, but also from discounts associated with big-volume purchases.

Likewise, you are free to unite your orders with your friends or family members, as long as all medications do not require any prescription. Nevertheless, you are still able to purchase prescription medications for your family members or friends, as long as the specific documentations authorizing you to place an order on their behalf is presented. On the other hand, placement of orders for kids does not require such strict formalities.

By becoming our Family Care program member, you automatically receive additional discounts and benefits discussed above, while providing ultimate care to all the people who are important to you. Even just a few cumulative bulk orders a year can result in impressive savings, while aiding to improve the wellbeing of your loved ones.