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Dear Visitor, we are pleased to welcome you at our website. If you are here, you are a one of the customers who knows what they want and only seeks high-quality products and services. We are here to cater to all of your needs and wants!

My Canadian Pharmacy implements a system of efficient drug distribution. How would this help you as a drugstore shopper? Firstly, we take the legwork out of the equation for as we provide most of the existing pills under one digital roof. Secondly, we guarantee quality and safety as every single item on our products list comes from certified and well-established drug companies. Lastly, but most notably, we specialize in inexpensively priced generic drugs or heavily discounted brand medicines. Making health care items easily obtainable, regardless of insurance status or income, is our company’s mission. Our is designed for families on a budget, which makes us the best place to find the most affordable deals for popular medicines.

Rest assured that our qualified pharmacy technicians and other highly trained staff members provide step by step assistance to help you experience the best service here. Use our online contact form to ask us any questions that are related to our pharmacy shopping or the use of any drug. As the initial help, we provide the required information on ways to apply or take your medication. However, we remind you of the responsibility to seek in-office medical help, examination, diagnosing, and proper prescribing information from your trusted doctor.

Top 5 Medications at Our Drugstore

Our pharmacy is acclaimed for our extensive range of popular men’s health products at reasonable pricing. You can choose from a broad range of drugs for treating ED (erectile dysfunction) or their generics from well-established drug manufacturers for only a fraction of the regular prices. Medicines for treating other conditions can be found here as well.

  1. Generic Viagra

    Recently, many pharmaceutical companies have been licensed to manufacture Generic Viagra (sildenafil). Viagra is an oral drug that enables its user to enjoy a healthy erection for up to 4 hours. On the other hand, Generic Viagra is an on-demand drug. Before sexual activities, generic Viagra should be taken 60 minutes in advance. The main active component that is used in generic Viagra and Viagra is sildenafil. Sildenafil will dilate the blood vessels walls and help the body to absorb sufficient blood, which is needed to create erectile hardness. Generic Viagra will not affect the user’s sexual drive. It allows the user to control his erectile mechanism excellently for healthy, hard, and lasting erections.

  2. Generic Cialis

    A few years after Viagra was produced, Cialis (tadalafil) became its primary competitor. With 36 hours of erectogenic effect, Cialis the longest-acting drug against erectile dysfunction. After the expiration of Cialis patent held by the original developer, other pharmaceutical companies filed applications to be licensed for generic Cialis production. Generic Cialis contains the same active substance tadalafil properties but at much cheaper price. Generic Cialis that comes in tadalafil 2.5mg or tadalafil 5mg doses to be taken daily, regardless of planned sexual activities. For tadalafil doses between 10mg and 20mg (40mg pills are available from a limited number of manufacturers), the dosing should precede sexual activity by 40-60 and used as needed only. Cialis helps its user when aroused to develop incredible erections any time he is sexually aroused during 36 hours.

  3. Generic Levitra

    This oral drug for erectile disability has a similar mechanism and belongs to the same group of PDE5 inhibitors. However, what makes Levitra (vardenafil) stand out is its low side effect profile. Men with diabetes mellitus to achieve the best result with Levitra. Although mild, its action is effective. Since it was developed in 2003, Levitra’s popularity has never waned since ED is ubiquitous with diabetic men. The active substance of Levitra, vardenafil, is now available generically at lower pricing. One hour after the administration of the pill, the user gets to enjoy an erectile ability for up to 4 hours. A sexually stimulated user can achieve and sustain reliable and robust erections.

  4. Kamagra

    More and more consumers are taking generic medication these days. Even insurance companies globally are encouraging the use of generics. Kamagra is one of the most popular generic versions of Viagra; both drugs contain sildenafil. Although Kamagra is much cheaper, these two drugs are equally the same. When the user is aroused, sildenafil is used to revive the user’s ability to achieve and sustain erections. Sildenafil, however, does not create any sexual desire per se. Before having sexual activity, Kamagra should be taken approximately 60 minutes in advance. Kamagra will remove the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and ensure reliable hardness of erections for the period of 4 hours. Kamagra contains between 50mg to 100 mg of sildenafil.

  5. Viagra Professional

    Viagra Professional is a sildenafil-based drug with the best efficacy rates among drugs used in erectile dysfunction treatment. Sildenafil is the standard active component in the brand-name Viagra and Viagra Professional, however, the latter features the maximum content of sildenafil active substance. Thanks to the stepped-up content of generic sildenafil, men with severely compromised sexual function can enjoy healthy erectile ability again. This drug is taken by mouth about 1 hour before engaging in sexual activity. On average, these drug effects can last up to 4 hours. Users reported tremendous benefits from using Viagra Professional: reliable restoration of erectile capacity, a relief from performance anxiety, shortened unmanageable time between two sexual acts, increased sexual stamina, and lower cost compared to the brand-name Viagra. The generic version of sildenafil is as effective as the original drug.

In addition to a lower price, users who opt for generic drugs get to enjoy other benefits as well. Users get to customize their therapies within the prescribed substance and dosage of generic medicines. Users also get to modulate the speed of effect onset, the drug form, or even the flavor of the meds, as everything is possible when generics are at hand.

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What Makes My Canadian Pharmacy Successful?

  • A crossroad of quality and reduced pricing;
  • Warranted blazing fast delivery;
  • Excellent customer support


My Canadian Pharmacy is not just a regular everyday digital drugstore but a thriving concept store. For almost two decades, we have been managing to be one of the best as we are continually evolving our services and improving savings for customers. We continuously listen to our clients’ feedback and anticipate our clientele needs in advance so that we can go an extra mile for them.

The products at our website cater to all of our international shoppers’ wide range of needs, while slashing away exorbitant prices. We devote our work with virtue and commitment while keeping it simple for all our clients. We are always attentive to every individual customer as we provide quality in-person digital healthcare services. Our fantastic online presence and popularity through the years are significant proof of our company’s honest dedication and genuine care for our customers’ wellbeing.

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20 Reasons to Choose Canadian Pharmacy

It has been two decades. That is how long the history of our company goes. Yet every single day, as we attend to our customers’ needs and expectations, we are learning new things from them. For each year of our experiences, we can give you a reason to choose us as your trusted online drugstore – although it is symbolical, there are more reasons why you should trust our company’s expertise:

  1. The widest e-commence choice for healthcare products
  2. Up to 90% discount off from your local pharmacy pricing.
  3. It guaranteed international delivery.
  4. Advance level of customer care
  5. Discount codes for non-registered users.
  6. Loyalty program deductions for subscriber level
  7. Simple to order placement with a highly intuitive interface.
  8. Complimentary pill samples will be given with every order.
  9. Free shipping deals.
  10. Shipping insurance.
  11. Automatic refills and reminders (opt-in)
  12. Complete informational support.
  13. Varied generic versions of every brand’s pills.
  14. Efficient shipping methods
  15. Multiple payment choices.
  16. Safe checkout.
  17. Strong anonymity when ordering.
  18. Discreet packaging.
  19. Guarded anti-spam policy.
  20. Individual discounts for bulk purchases.

Top 7 PROS of Online Pharmacy vs. Local Pharmacy

#1 Lower prices and discounts

As a fully digital company, we can cut down unnecessary costs for industrial rents and extra workforce. All these extra savings are given back to you, and we are continually investing heavily in our customer care services. As our clients, you will only get to pay the materials and work used in the process of drug manufacturing, with the least markup and logistics. Our managers also do not need to pay for brand names or extra expenditures faced by our business.

#2 Stress-free experience

It might be difficult sometimes to find the needed medicine from your local pharmacies, and this involves a lot of legwork as well. Make your life simpler by ordering from your computer or by using your mobile device and our app. While ordering online, you get the benefit of enjoying confidential drug ordering. You do not need to meet a pharmacist personally or ask for medication with a line of people behind your back. Your order will be sent in a discreet and unmarked envelope with only your name and address on it.

#3 System of notifications

As soon as you become a registered user and subscribe to our notification system, you will enjoy a full range of savings from us. Whenever there is a discount for any of the items that might be of interest to you (based on your previous history browsing or ordering and consent to receive newsletters from us), we will immediately highlight it to you through our notification. This method is a state of the art way to help you save on your medical shopping online while the stocks last.

#4 Regular and reliable services

As an added value, services provided by our pharmacy will further complement your shopping experiences. Now you can save more money as you can make the best choices from the free professional guidance and consultation given by our expert online team. We invite you to choose from a variety of complimentary services like auto refills, referral to a costless medical consultation online, personal shopper, shipping insurance, discount finder, informational support, and news feed – and many others.

#5 The cost-effective refund policy

Our level of success is not measured solely on the number of sales we made, but rather from our customers’ satisfaction. Our highly evolved system helps us to collect customer feedbacks and make upgrades whenever needed. Our solid money-back policy gets you covered if you are dissatisfied with the quality of products received. This move is one of our fundamental values in providing excellent services to our clients.

#6 Free consultations given by experts

If you need any advice on understanding a health-related matter, you can count on our website as your reliable tool in providing speedy help through our committed specialists. Send us a query using a contact form or request an online consultation from us that comes completely free of charge. Please take note that while the services provided here will not replace an actual visit to your local doctor’s office, it is an excellent way to get your questions answered while waiting for the appointment with your GP. Always refer to your professional practitioner for matters that needed immediate attention first, whenever it is possible.

#7 Privacy of every order and consultation

We place our customers as our top priority. The personal data shared by our clients are kept with great vigilant and most in-depth care. All your sensitive information will be safely protected by us, especially when it comes to the security of payment and confidentiality of package delivery. We safeguard your personal data, which will not be shared with anyone, including your doctor.

Family Care Pharmacy: Items For Every Age, Condition & Gender

Shopping with our pharmacy makes it possible to purchase pills for every member of your family regardless of age, condition, gender, and that includes your beloved furry pets as well. This method does not only provide the convenience of getting everything you need under one roof, but also translates into further savings opportunities. The bigger the order, the more savings and discounts you will enjoy. Besides that, you will save tremendously on shipping costs – you might even qualify for free shipping if you spend more than $150.00 at one shopping spree.

Whenever you order pills for yourself or your beloved members, and the subtotal bill comes up to more than $300.00, you can seek one of our representatives to discuss a personalized discount! That is the wonders of accumulating several orders and buying it together! Can you imagine how much discount you can benefit from, not only from our reasonable pricing but also from your bundle shopping as well!

You can even make joint orders with your friends and relatives as long as there is no prescription medication involved. However, you can help to buy prescription medication for others if you can present a document authorizing you to place an order on their behalf. Placement orders for minors, on the other hand, do not need such strict formalities.

By joining our Family Care Pharmacy concept, all of the above benefits have proven that you will have the opportunity to stock up more discounts while genuinely taking care of the people who are close to you.  Even with just a few cumulative orders a year, this will go a long way for you and your loved ones, as all of you can enjoy massive savings while maintaining good health.