When this pharmacy was started as a small local business, it was built around the idea of breaking through the high costs of medications and making economic healthcare products universally accessible. Twenty years later, we still feel like we are bridging this gap between customer needs and their purchasing power. This strong connection to the purpose is what motivates us as we keep on moving forward.

We are a company that is oriented towards consistent growth and development of customer-focused services that meet the very needs of the day. On every stage of our company’s existence, we re-evaluated our tasks, and we keep on doing so looking into the future.

Back in the day when we’d only just begun, the idea was to spread affordably priced healthcare items to a larger number of people than just our local community. To this end, we took a life-changing decision to migrate into the digital space and leave behind our days as a local pharmacy store. This has helped us to accomplish more than just one goal of being a more global caterer of pharmaceuticals: this decision made it possible for us to dramatically cut down the costs of running our business, which translated into smaller markups and bigger savings for our customers.

A decade ago, we discovered the power of going generic. This idea was really on the surface, with the majority of insurance plans encouraging payees to do the same – we just tapped into it. For many years now, we have been working with famous manufacturers of generic drugs, bringing down the cost of items on our formulary even lower.

Five years from now, we see ourselves continuing to pursue our main goal of bringing essential pharmaceutical products to customers at the lowest price compatible with high quality, but we also plan to keep very much abreast of the latest developments in pharmaceutical business and related technology. As always, we will proceed from the dynamics of consumer needs, adjusting to the new demands for better-incorporated pharmacy consultant services, remote management of refills, and distribution of medications to vulnerable populations.

My Canadian Pharmacy is about extensive growth more than expanding; we will continue dedicating our most intense attention to the quality of every drug on our offer list, and making sure that the outcomes of every transaction that transpires on this site are measured in health benefits, not in revenues.