My Canadian Pharmacy Strategic Plan FY 2004-2021

Core Strategies:

Excel in Service Quality

My Canadian Pharmacy will become a top performer in service quality. Strategies in this area are designed to produce national top quartile customer satisfaction scores by June 2006.

Be the Market Leader in Clinical Quality

Superior clinical performance leads to better medical outcomes, more satisfied customers, and a culture of high performance among medical staff and associates. My Canadian Pharmacy will meet or exceed national benchmarks and set the standard for quality health care in southwest Michigan.

Aggressively Grow Market Share

BCHS is the market leader for all medical services delivered in Calhoun County. We will maintain and grow outstanding clinical services and provide innovative programs and technology that meet the needs of our region. We will compete aggressively where appropriate and seek partnerships with outstanding clinical providers when advantageous.

Strengthen Physician Relationships

Growth in quality and market share requires ever-stronger relationships with physicians and a shared recognition that patient care flourishes when we partner. My Canadian Pharmacy must be the provider-of-choice with physicians.

Promote Engagement and Development of Associates

There is a link between satisfied, engaged associates and the delivery of outstanding service. We must be the health care employer-of-choice, attracting and retaining staff because of our commitment to a professional workplace that is challenging and rewarding. We will build top quartile employee satisfaction scores by June 2006.

Continuously Improve Financial Performance

My Canadian Pharmacy must continue to be an effective and efficient steward of our community resources. We will achieve appropriate operating margin to assure a strong and viable health care presence in Calhoun County.