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Uprima and Topiglan – Promising Advances in Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Uprima and Topiglan – Promising Advances in Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

According to studies, the international prevalence of erectile dysfunction can reach up to 75%. Many men believe that this problem affects the elderly only, but that's just a myth. In practice, up to 50% of men under 50 suffer from ED. So, in fact, every man should have a clear idea of the symptoms of this condition and available treatment options, so that he can detect the first signs of the symptoms and turn for medical help on time. Basic Facts about

Fertility Supplements Men Report as Most Effective

Male infertility makes many couples find themselves in a jam. Treatment options are promising but most promises are empty. Fertility supplements can help you out. Yet, you need to pick the right one. Different treatment options should be explored when a man deals with his fertility-related issues. Seeing fertility specialists regularly helps to determine your condition and treatment options, chances to conceive, etc. Yet, more than that can be done if a patient – you – wants to boost effects. Pay attention to

Anxiety Treatment: Which Drugs to Watch Out for and Which to Use?

Contrary to what one might think, anxiety is not always pathological; in fact, there are situations in which anxiety is a useful phenomenon for the individual. There are therefore two well-defined conditions: Normal anxiety condition; Pathological anxiety condition. In the condition of normal anxiety we find ourselves in a state of tension - both physical and psychological - characterized by the activation of autonomous reflexes and the waking state, which can be useful to the individual in certain situations. For example, the anxiety

My Drug Is Not Covered By Insurance: BCHealth Solutions

What you need to know about health insurance in the United States. Americans do not have the equivalent of Canadian Fare Pharmacare. The vast majority subscribe to private insurance covering the risks related to their health. But how does it work in practice? Paying for drugs not covered by insurance If the patient buys a drug paying from their pocket, even in the presence of a medical prescription that certifies the urgency and lack of therapeutic options, the patient cannot request reimbursement of
Sex and Men’s General Health

How To Preserve Men’s Health? Men’s Health and Pharmacology

Sexual problems most commonly signal general health issues, which may or may not be connected with the aging process. But can failures in sexual life lead to actual heath deterioration? Sadly, impotence and other male disorders eventually lead not only to mental restlessness and discontent, but also certain problems of physical nature. This article is aimed to provide some useful tips on how to preserve male functions naturally, and ways to deal with problems that have already came into being. Numerous studies
Prescription Plan

Get Your Prescription Plan at Canadian Pharmacy

Have you ever heard about the prescription plans for people with chronic disease? Usually such plans are recommended to people who require the intake of prescription medication on the long-term basis. For example, asthmatics, patients with a heart attack history or high blood pressure, men taking the ED drugs for a long time and so on. Canadian Pharmacy takes care of all categories of patients, especially the ones who need quick and affordable refills of the life-supporting medications. Everyone who uses Canadian Pharmacy
Men's Health Services

Men’s Health Services from My Canadian Pharmacy

What comes to your mind for the first time when you hear about Canadian Pharmacy? The annoying ads with Viagra generics or something about the male penis enhancement, probably. does not use this too straightforward approach towards the promotions of the products related to the category of Men’s Health. With the help of our vast international community, our professional team of consultants and healthcare experts provides only the best medical products for men’s health from the trusted manufacturers and suppliers with
pharmacist in Canada

Career of Pharmacist in British Columbia: Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program

To work as a pharmacist in Canada you need to apply for licensure. The provincial regulations and requirements for getting a license may differ, so you need to check for the procedure of obtaining the license in the province where you intend to apply. International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) may need extra training to be qualified for working in a Canadian pharmacy. The University of British Columbia offers Canadian Pharmacy Practice Program (CP3) that includes 500 hours of structured practical training (SPT).
Prescription Medication Labels

Reading and Checking Prescription Medication Labels from Canadian Pharmacies

Understanding and decoding the data on a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) drug label bought at our Canadian Pharmacy can be troublesome if you don’t know what to search for. In some cases, the text is too small, or crucial data is absent. Being able to read labels on drugs before they are taken is very important for your general wellbeing and security. Every year, a large number of individuals suffer from side effects and adverse reactions because they didn't know about the
Natural Drugs

Canadian Pharmacy Follows 2019 Natural Drugs Trend

Natural drugs dominate traditional medicine in many countries, such as herbal medicine, which is being turned to more and more in Canada: do plants really have a curing potential? If we consider that herbal medications for men’s health have firm positions as bestsellers on Canadian Pharmacy, the conclusion is evident: the benefits of the use of herbal preparations are numerous, while side effects are minimal. From the beginning of mankind, mankind turned to Mother Nature to find remedies for wounds, sicknesses and