Have you ever heard about the prescription plans for people with chronic disease? Usually such plans are recommended to people who require the intake of prescription medication on the long-term basis. For example, asthmatics, patients with a heart attack history or high blood pressure, men taking the ED drugs for a long time and so on. Canadian Pharmacy takes care of all categories of patients, especially the ones who need quick and affordable refills of the life-supporting medications. Everyone who uses Canadian Pharmacy services may set up his own personal prescription plan, using the website. Basically, patients just may check what drugs they want for weekly or monthly refills.

There are 2 types of prescription plans for users:

  • Individual plans with monthly or weekly refills – you may consult our team of experts to figure what drugs to choose or use the recommendations given by a family doctor;
  • Standard plans where you just need to click on the drugs when ordering them online – it’s the best way to save a few buck on shipping and wholesale bundles.

The Canadian Pharmacy expert team offers multiple advantages like the vast choice of medical products available online for a whole family. The responsible delivery services are also offered by My Canadian Pharmacy as a part of individual prescription plans. Take benefit from the online drugstore service – request the personal discount that comes with a prescription plan. Remember that all discounts can be redeemed by ever user who placed orders via Canadian Pharmacy website.

Benefits of prescription plans offered by Canadian Pharmacy:

  • You can save up even more on your monthly refills of any required medications online – that is the main advantage;
  • Shopping with Canadian Pharmacy becomes even more pleasant – regular users always get spontaneous promocodes for generic titles and other medications offered by suppliers and from the catalogue;
  • You don’t have to do anything for getting additional discount for a whole order according to your prescription plan. Canadian Pharmacy can give you an automatically generated coupon allowing to use a random discount off your order’s cost. Pretty awesome, right?

How to get a prescription plan at Canadian Pharmacy?

Do you think that out low price tags are everything that Canadian Pharmacy can offer? You will enjoy to find out that it’s not like that at all. Any user of our online service can redeem his right for refills for prescription plans at Canadian Pharmacy – whether a first-time customer, seasonal shopper or regular user.

Prescription Plan

Despite order’s amount and cost, you can have your own prescription plan for any drugs from the catalog. All is required is to activate this plan by using the instructions at the specific page or when filling in the fields during an order. Do not forget to specify the details with our managers through an online chat.

The instruction for having monthly refills via individual prescription plans are quite simple and if you have any difficulties with redeeming random discount our Customer Center is always at your service. Canadian Pharmacy offers the daily deals for different pills so you could save money on each purchase. Also, we may ask copies of your paper-based prescriptions before approving the refills of certain drugs. But in the most cases we will never ask to show your prescription.

Use extra personal discounts for all your orders in addition to Canadian Pharmacy!

Don’t miss profitable offers from the My Canadian Pharmacy team. We appreciate our loyal customers and offer them additional personal discounts for all their orders within prescription plans. Personal discounts can be easily redeemed from our managers (be sure to check the Contacts page).

Personal discounts and prescription plans do not just give you an additional ability to save money on regular purchases but also propose a useful gift of gratitude from the team of Bchealth.com. We appreciate that you choose our services and trust us with supplying you with any kinds of generic and brand medications in Canada and the United States.

Our team understands that money doesn’t come easy to you and that’s why let you save more than few bucks on really necessary purchases of medical products. Grab our opportunity and continue to use the services of Canadian Pharmacy to save a family budget! Staying healthy can be affordable with our daily deals and monthly refills!