According to studies, the international prevalence of erectile dysfunction can reach up to 75%. Many men believe that this problem affects the elderly only, but that’s just a myth. In practice, up to 50% of men under 50 suffer from ED. So, in fact, every man should have a clear idea of the symptoms of this condition and available treatment options, so that he can detect the first signs of the symptoms and turn for medical help on time.

Basic Facts about ED

  • ED is the disorder, when a man cannot get a proper erection and cannot keep it firm for the period that is long enough to have satisfying sexual intercourse.
  • Healthy men can also have problems with reaching a strong erection from time to time, that is normal. Still, if a man experiences such difficulties frequently, that is a sign that he should turn to a doctor.
  • ED can be caused by a wide range of factors: from physical problems to relationship difficulties, stress, exhaustion or lack of self-confidence.
  • ED can be also related to certain coexisting diseases and conditions, including diabetes, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, low testosterone and others. So, in case a man notices ED symptoms, he should consult a doctor without delays, since that may be the sign of serious and dangerous health problems.

Treatment Solutions

Traditionally, ED has been being treated with the help of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors. Here are a few examples of such medications ― Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra.

Until recently, the use of PDE5 inhibitors has been the basic strategy for treating ED. But, today, there are two more options available ― Uprima and Topiglan. These are new products, but they have great potential. Let us discuss these new medicines in detail.


uprimaThis is the oral medicine in the form of tablets that includes apomorphine hydrochloride as the active ingredient. This substance belongs to dopamine agonists. Unlike the overwhelming majority of other pills for treating ED, this product stimulates erectile processes by making an impact on the brain chemistry.

It is well-known that reaching an erection is a complex process that involves several systems of an organism. It starts, when the sense organs of a man get sexually stimulated. When the smell, sight, touch and other receptors are triggered, the corresponding signals are sent to the brain and, afterwards, to the penis. The chemical responsible for transmitting sexual signals from the brain to the penis is called dopamine. The new ED medication Uprima stimulates the production of this natural chemical, which activates erectile processes, i.e. makes blood vessels in the penis widen and fill with the blood, which increases the blood tension. As a result, an erection comes faster and becomes firmer. By the way, some specialists believe that this approach is also likely to help in the case of female sexual problems.

How to use Uprima? Similar to most other ED medicines, this product is used when needed only, i.e. prior to sexual intercourse. The tablet should be placed under the tongue. It dissolves in about 10 minutes on average. Many doctors recommend drinking a small amount of water before taking the pill, so that it dissolves faster. There is no sense in swallowing it, it will not work that way. The huge advantage of this drug is that it starts working within a minimal period, since it is absorbed directly into the blood. As a rule, it takes a man about 10–20 minutes to feel the effect. But one should keep in mind that this medication will not work, if a man is not sexually aroused. Speaking about the dosage of this medication, it should be prescribed by the doctor.

Why is Uprima better than other ED medicines? Due to the fact that it is absorbed directly to the blood, Uprima provides the satisfying effect in just 10–20 minutes, while, using most other ED products, a man has to wait for 30–60 minutes to feel the effect. That means that Uprima allows a man to enjoy spontaneous sex. By the way, since this medicine does not get into the stomach, one can safely take it after a meal. Still, it is inadvisable to eat fatty foods and drink alcohol.


This ED product is the topical cream that is applied to the glans penis. Its active ingredient is the PGE1 alprostadil. Like the majority of other ED medicines, this active substance assists erections by widening the blood vessels in the penis and increasing the blood tension in such a way. The use of Topiglan makes erections much firmer. It starts working within several minutes only, but, identically to other ED medications, to feel the effect of Topiglan, a man needs to get sexual stimulation.

This product is very similar to Vitaros, but Topiglan is much more convenient to use, since one can just apply it to the visible part of the head of the penis, instead of inserting inside it.

Compared to oral ED medications, Topiglan is considered to be safer. The risk of side effects is lower, and the list of contraindications is shorter. No doubt, that is a significant advantage.

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To sum up, today, there is an extensive range of products that can help a man with erectile dysfunction to get back to the normal sexual life within a short term. Even if a man cannot bear Viagra or some other ED product, there are dozens of alternatives to choose from. The main point is to turn to a doctor after noticing the symptoms and to follow the instructions of the specialist.