Sex and Men’s General Health

Sexual problems most commonly signal general health issues, which may or may not be connected with the aging process. But can failures in sexual life lead to actual heath deterioration? Sadly, impotence and other male disorders eventually lead not only to mental restlessness and discontent, but also certain problems of physical nature. This article is aimed to provide some useful tips on how to preserve male functions naturally, and ways to deal with problems that have already came into being.

Numerous studies have shown that the main cause of early male mortality is an irresponsible attitude towards one’s sexual health. First signs of sexual malfunction commonly produce stress and pose a serious threat to men’s mental equilibrium. In 80% of cases, lack of sexual fulfillment results in depressive states, neuroses, and uncontrolled aggression. Physiology can provide a logical explanation why this is happening to most men. The male hormone testosterone, which is highly important for the functioning of internal organs and systems – heart, kidneys, liver, and nervous system – is mostly produced during sexual intimacy.

Lack of this hormone often cause a general sense of malaise, making a man more irritable, unfocused, aggressive and overly emotional. In such circumstances self-realization becomes problematic, which in turn can create a feeling of worthlessness and lead to a depression. In this way, sexual problems can underlie a real crisis, even if they are not perceived as a reason of affliction.

Is there a way out of this vicious circle? How can the problem be solved? Andrology – the science of preserving men’s health – is a medical discipline concerned with the prevention and treatment of male diseases. It includes such sciences as urology, endocrinology, surgery, venereology, and sexopathology. Thanks to science, we possess increasingly effective and simple ways to treat male conditions. Most importantly, we can learn how to preserve men’s health naturally, preventing adverse conditions from arising.

Male diseases: what are they?

As a result of age-related changes, life style choices or accidents, men may experience such problematic conditions as:

BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), andropause (male menopause), varicocele, inflammatory diseases, male infertility, tumors, genital infections, priapism, problems with foreskin, ejaculation problems, prostatitis, injuries, erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems, affecting approximately 50% of men. There are various levels of ED, ranging from mild to complete dysfunction. While medicine is constantly developing and nowadays there are effective solutions for the treatment of many diseases, preventive measures are advantageous to turn away the illnesses, the consequences of which may become irreversible. Tips from men’s health experts will help men be more vigilant about some of their life style habits.

How to Preserve Men’s Health

Preserve Men’s Health

Avoid tooth decay and infectious diseases

Any infectious diseases lead to chronic inflammatory process, which impairs the blood supply to the pelvic organs. The endothelium – the inner layer of blood vessels – gets affected, obstructing the transportation of blood, which carries the necessary nutrients and oxygen. This worsens the state of the tissues even more, since under conditions of hypoxia, the multiplication of disease-causing agents increases. Whereas the erection mechanism is primarily related to an increase in the filling of the genital vessels with a certain amount of blood.

Thus, one should choose sex partners carefully; if there’s no certainty about their health condition, one should never hesitate to use a condom.

Chronic tonsillitis, tooth decay and other centers of bacterial growth, all pose a hidden danger to men’s health and thus should be taken care of. After all, the bacteria are able to travel with the blood flow, right to the pelvic area, and create chronic inflammation in the genitals.

Influenza and other viral infections can also cause inflammation, weakening the immune system and giving the green light to pathogenic processes. Indeed, pathogenic bacteria live in each and every one of us, but their growth is restrained by the immune system. In case of illness, it may not cope with all tasks at once.

Avoid constant overloads

Falling from your feet after a working day won’t contribute to sound sexual health for sure. An erection is an energy-intensive process: during intercourse a man loses a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, chronic fatigue can clearly pose a danger to men’s health.

Stress and psychical overload should be avoided for the same reason. Of course, men with various neurological diseases (experienced now or in the past: let’s say, a spinal injury or stroke) are prone to risk in the first place. However, chronic stress and lack of sleep can lead to erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders as well. Indeed, in the mentioned cases, the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain cortex (the organ issuing commands to other parts of the body) to the cavernous bodies (the structural unit of erectile tissue) will be disrupted. And lack of sleep is perhaps the leading mechanism in disrupting the functions of the central nervous system. After all, the brain is able to eliminate the consequences of any negative experiences (at least partially) if we have enough rest at night: only during sleep the brain undergoes an extremely important process of “reformatting”, when it restores its power and processes the acquired information.

Make friends with sports

Morning and evening jogs are one of the best ways to tackle the consequences of sedative lifestyle, which is particularly destructive for men’s health. Cardio loads will improve vascular tone (consequently, the vessels won’t react so badly to negative factors, in particular, being clamped for several hours every day while sitting in the office) and saturate the pelvic organs with oxygen, which prevents inflammation processes. Ideally, daily jogs can be complemented with regular workouts, 2 or 3 times a week.

Give up bakery, alcohol and cigarettes

Unhealthy food, in particular bakery products, are to blame for the wide spread of sexual disorders nowadays. If sausages, convenience foods, fast foods, bakery and sugary drinks are the solid foundation of your diet, to which you generously add sauces and other industrially made food, you risk to become overweight and get diabetes of the second type.

In the first case, this will lead to an increase in the level of female hormones in the body (and a decrease in testosterone, as a result, since fat metabolism will be disturbed). In the second case, due to disorders in the pancreas, the vascular system will suffer. It will suffer even before the development of diabetes (which, by the way, cannot be cured completely), since an unhealthy diet causes a jump in blood sugar, which is a torture for the vascular system.

Food that is full of bad fats – included in all the above products – also provokes the occurrence of plaques: their presence in the vessels worsens the blood circulation and the blood supply to the genital organs. Alcohol (and even more, alcohol abuse) worsens the general immunity, which leads to an exacerbation of chronic diseases and bacterial growth in the pelvic organs. In addition, the consumption of large doses of alcohol increases the amount of toxins in the blood, which leads to inflammation in the walls of blood vessels. The same toxic effect occurs when smoking cigarettes.

No to hot tubs

Naturally, the best and most healthy temperature for the scrotum is 1-2 °C less than the body temperature. Therefore, regular exposure to heat will violate its functions and, as a result, hormonal background, which directly affects the ability to get an erection. Of course, there is no need to give up hot tubs or saunas completely, but they should be used no more than once a week. However, a man aiming to become a father in the near future should forget about soaking in hot water, since high temperatures cause the death of sperm.

Sex on schedule

The frequency of intimacy may depend on many internal and external factors, such as temperament, employment, and having a regular partner. On average, it is desirable to have sex 3-4 times a week, from the standpoint of health at least. When it occurs less often, there is stagnation in the prostate, which is the ideal condition for bacterial growth and circulatory disorders. If sex happens more often, lack of resource at some point may cause an unpleasant failure. And embarrassing situations that occur from time to time lead to secondary impotence, caused by psychological stress and the fear of failure. Impotence of the psychological type could be very difficult to cure: pills may turn out ineffective because it “sits” in the head.

However, regular sex, even several times a month, is better than chaotic sexual life at random intervals. Indeed, the irregular use of the prostate gland also leads to stagnation and, as a result, inflammation. Having reviewed some important preventive measures, let us discuss the treatment of common male diseases.

Treatment of Male Diseases

Treatment of Male Diseases

Statistically, men tend to seek professional medical care much less frequently than women, especially when it comes to sexual health. It was already shown that failures in sexual life are not simply the natural consequences of aging and unhealthy life choices – they in turn lead to deterioration of health and life quality themselves. Therefore, if not for one’s own sake, then at least for the sake of the loved ones, sexual problems should be tackled in full force. Avoiding the traditional and most effective way of dealing with the disease, i.e. visiting a doctor for examination and planning a comprehensive treatment, seems to be very common among men as the topic was and remains stigmatized in the society.

Today we possess information on almost any subject, while many drugs can be bought in an online pharmacy. That being said, self-diagnosis and self-treatment are not exactly the safest methods, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. Initial medical consultation is strongly recommended before buying the widely used ED-pills. Fortunately, visiting a doctor nowadays doesn’t necessary mean going to the hospital, because medical advice and legal prescription can be obtained online by using one of the new services.

Men’s health and pharmacology

While some male diseases require comprehensive long-term treatment, other problems of men’s health can be solved quickly, easily and inexpensively due to the progress of medicine. Erectile dysfunction is becoming increasingly common today due to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, however, in most cases, one pill is able to eliminate the symptoms of ED within only 30 minutes. Although branded versions of ED drugs, such as Viagra or Levitra, may turn out to be quite costly for long-term use, their generic versions are affordable for every budget. Most ED drugs are based on sildenafil, vardenafil or tadalafil, which have an identical working mechanism.

Taking ED pills is absolutely safe, considering the correct dosage is observed and contradictions are properly taken into account. In addition to ED pills, dapoxetine-based premature ejaculation drugs, such as Priligy, have proven themselves as very useful. Although these popular drugs do not affect the original cause of the disorder, with their help regular sex life and self-confidence can be restored at any age. By normalizing men’s sex life, they are often able to eliminate underlying disorders without additional medication.

Admitting the high effectiveness of drugs mentioned, their contraindications and side effects should not be ignored. For people with heart diseases, taking ED pills can be dangerous, even life-threatening. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to speak with the doctor before choosing medication, to consider it’s suitability for one’s health condition. Finally, one’s sexual abilities largely reflect overall physical state, which should not be ignored. Developing healthy habits still remains the most reliable way to ensure high performance for years to come, keeping your private life free from pills and medical staff.