Our team takes the proverbial notion of ”being there for you” to a qualitatively new level. True that, our webstore is highly interactive and totally intuitive – but there might come a moment when you require some face time with a dedicated pharmacist to help you sort things out. With My Canadian Pharmacy, this time is bookable in a trice.

Our Support Team representatives are trained to accommodate every customer according to their needs of the moment, and come up with a range of ready-made solutions – or work out one based on the situation at hand, no matter how non-standard it might appear. We couldn’t be more helpful even if we took a pill to achieve it.

How can you get in touch with us? It rather depends on what you communication medium of choice is, as well as how urgent your issue appears to be, or how detailed the explanation you require. What we mean is this:

  • You require:

A quick fix or a short answer

  • You best contact us by:

Phone: +1 412 285 1060 / LiveChat

  • You require:

Help with placing an order

  • You best contact us by:

E-mail / Phone number / LiveChat

  • You require:

Making a suggestion / Leaving a complaint

  • You best contact us by:

E-mail: support@bchealth.com

Goes without saying, that you should choose the means of contacting us that you feel most comfortable with. We will reply with equal diligence, efficacy and professionalism no matter how you choose to get in touch with our pharmacy.

In order for us to resolve your problem more efficiently, please do the following:

  • have your order ID and other information readily available to quote for our representative / indicate it in the Subject field of EMF
  • Save any information received for further reference
  • State the desired outcome of your query in a clear manner
  • Let us know if your problem is resolved or you would like a follow-up
  • Leave feedback. We are focused on improving your experiences with us!

Our Address:

  • 5129 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, USA