One of the many pharmacies that emerged in the sprawling market of pharmacies offering medications online is My Canadian Pharmacy. We will explore further in this article what are the advantages and disadvantages of using My Canadian Pharmacy for a regular user. Is it worth buying online? What are the pros and cons? Let’s see that in detail.

What is the place of My Canadian Pharmacy on the today’s Canadian online pharma market?

My Canadian Pharmacy belongs to the top of the Canadian “all-purpose” online super-all-range-markets. Let’s see how popular it is from the regular user’s point of view? Let’s say I am an average Canadian or American man seeking a remedy for my erectile dysfunction. What do I type in my google search field? Correct, “Buy Viagra online Canada/ US” or some variation of this. Among the first two pages that google returns in response to this query, My Canadian Pharmacy’s website does not pop up. Nor do many of the trusted pharmacies. This is because the more focused sites, lots of them are fake ones are in this niche. However, if you google a broader range of generics available online, you will soon stumble upon My Canadian Pharmacy’s website with its deals.

What do they sell?

My Canadian Pharmacy currently is one of the biggest players on the pharmaceutical market for all sorts of generics and health treatments. The range is impressive: they sell everything from men’s health erectile dysfunction treatments to the ailments for your beloved pet. The range of treatments includes skincare, anti-anxiety treatments, pain relief medications, antibiotics, antidepressants, sleep complication treatments, cholesterol regulators, anti-allergic treatments, asthma relievers, weight loss medications, eye care medications, and many more.

Do they require a prescription?

It’s up to a user. One of the advantages of using online market pharmacies is that they are prescription-free. That is, the risk of buying and further administering/applying medications bought through online pharmas is on the patient. Prescription is one of the things that can be a hindrance in using online suppliers. If one doesn’t need a prescription at the store while usually one needs it everywhere else, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Each individual should decide it for himself, or seek the advice from the online consultant, also available for MCP users.

What is the My Canadian Pharmacy price policy?

In short, flexible. My Canadian Pharmacy sells drugs at what is known as “wholesale,” which means a customer doesn’t have to pay a retail drug price one usually pays when shopping at the regular drug store. While you may spot on the offers on the web that are more lucrative than those of My Canadian Pharmacy, the average price on your drug-of-the-choice will be decent. A number of online pharmacies do not stick to a fair play and throw counterfeit or even fake medications into their catalogues; the factor that allows them reduce or even drop the price to its lowest hoping to lure a naïve user to buy their goods. Licensed pharmacies, on the other hand, would never sell their goods for nothing, sticking to the average price on the online market. That doesn’t mean a user cannot get the meds from My Canadian Pharmacy for free. Sometimes there are bonuses or promos where you can get “Buy one get one free” type of offers. As of today, a generic Viagra is priced at $0,77 a pill while Viagra pro goes for $0,65 a pill.

Is it 100 % safe to use a pill obtained through My Canadian Pharmacy?

Yes, safety is guaranteed. Think about it this way: if they were to sell at least one item that could have been potentially harmful, they would not have gone on without license, or even would have been subject to investigation. While nobody, even a prescribed medication by your family doctor cannot prevent side effects if you have failed to follow side-effects guidelines, a pill itself obtained from a licensed drugstore is safe. While online sellers have become increasingly popular among the latest generation of meds users, especially in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other “sensitive” issues, there have been an almost proportional increase of the counterfeit drugs pouring into the market. The “weak link” is not the pharmacy itself, but the “middle man” company, that connects the manufacturer with the online pharmacy. My Canadian Pharmacy works with trusted companies that ship the goods to the warehouse and no counterfeit have been detected so far. All medications go through the independent check while already getting to the My Canadian Pharmacy team of experts. See further: What are the providers/ manufacturers of MCP?

Private information protection

My Canadian Pharmacy uses the advanced, up-to-date ssl-protocols to firewall all data a user would provide the system with. This includes names, email addresses, and credit card/payment system details. No leaks have been reported so far.

Can generics sold in My Canadian Pharmacy be inefficient or even harmful?

In short, no. Let’s start with the question, “What is the difference then between generics and branded medications?” The difference between generics and branded medications you see on the shelves of regular stores comes down to how they look. Generic meds are manufactured in colors different from the equivalent branded pill, there might the little flavor is added, or here and there an inactive component is added. If you take Viagra branded by its manufacturer Pfizer, it contains an active component called sildenafil citrate. The same active component with exactly the same chemical formula, also sildenafil citrate, is what fills the generic Viagra. The action of the two pills is exactly the same, with the same onset time, efficacy, possible adverse effects, etc. One of the reasons for this is that in the United States or Canada, the trademark regulations would not allow the meds to be thrown into the market packaged in the same colored substance as original branded pills.

What about patent and licensing?

The advantage of choosing your medication in a catalog of My Canadian Pharmacy or any other legitimate pharmacy registered in Canada, is that getting a patent or a license is relatively easy in Canada, compared, for example to the United States, where sometimes non-sensical, severe limitations exist re: patenting; especially in the field of the medicine. My Canadian Pharmacy possesses all necessary patents required in Canada to perform its enterprises.

What are the providers/ manufacturers of My Canadian Pharmacy?

My Canadian Pharmacy obtains its wholesale medications from trustworthy manufacturers mostly originated in India, as in India there is a booming, rapidly expanding domestic generic meds market. Some treatments originate in China, while some are local. In the particular product description, you can find a legal manufacturer information for each medication. No irreputable/ black listed manufacturers have been detected by our experts.

Is support ready and available?

My Canadian Pharmacy poignantly offers live chat support around the clock. What kind of support? The support is of three kinds: -The advise/consultation from a licensed medical team professional; -The regular support regarding technical/payment options/ delivery matters; -The email communication with the support team via secure server. Medical team advice at My Canadian Pharmacy proves to be reliable and helpful, especially with patients who is wary about using this or that medication. They come to help and advise you, for example, not to take erectile dysfunction treatment if you have complications with heart, or at least they can recommend the dosage that would not harm you. As far as speed of reaction of the regular, technical online support is concerned, a customer may face some issues at My Canadian Pharmacy. Some reviewers pointed out that the support chat is not always available and the wait time in some cases, may be an hour or so. Also some users report that the emails sent through the regular support mail were left unanswered. In most matters regarding the failed delivery, etc., support does its function and the users get the results of the failed delivery investigation on time with the subsequent reimbursement and proper apologies.

Delivery policy and speed

My Canadian Pharmacy offers two main delivery options for its customers:
  • Delivery through Regular Airmail
Regular airmail delivery is promised to take from 10 to 21 calendar days. Regular airmail works as an international service and is the only option for you if you want your product delivered to your American or whatever country address. The list of countries available for delivery is provided by the pharmacy. The downside of this method of delivery is it has limited amendments. The delivery companies that provide the service do not do special packaging, flexible rescheduling etc. This type of delivery is priced at $15
  • Delivery through Express Courier
This type of delivery is available for the United States customer only. It takes from 8 to 14 calendar days to get your package delivered to the place you live/work. Express Courier goes with additional amenities which include the tracking of one’s order, rescheduling the delivery in case you won’t be at home and are afraid that the packaged might be stuck in your outside mail in the insecure location, the overnight delivery, and some more. Express Courier delivery with My Canadian Pharmacy is priced at $25,00, which is the decent offer for this type of delivery.

Free shipping options and delivery insurance

A customer with My Canadian Pharmacy is entitled for free shipping if your order is one of the following: Regular Airmail: Orders from $150,00 Express Courier: Orders from $300,00 My Canadian Pharmacy also offers an insurance in case something goes wrong with the delivery of your package. Shipping insurance is offered at ($4.95) and guarantees a reshipment. If your order is starting from $200 you are qualified for a free shipping insurance. Make sure to tick it off when you place your order. This free shipping offer makes the MY Canadian stand out in the field, as many online pharmacies do not bother with flexible delivery options. The order page is very customer-friendly and is understood intuitively. A hint for a customer to make sure the delivery works: Before you purchase a number of medications you actually need, purchase a “small amount” order first. With every seller that is new for you, do the small order and see how the delivery turns out. You can also make sure the product works for you in case you are wary of the medication itself. If the first case turned out fine, do it another time with the same small amount. After you made two orders and they have been delivered in a correct way, then go ahead and make whatever order you want. Reimbursement / return policy at My Canadian Pharmacy The good news is: return policy exists with My Canadian Pharmacy. Are there bad news? Like with many enterprises the reimbursement/return policy is a case-to-case thing, especially in the sensitive field of medications/ cosmetics. My Canadian Pharmacy claims it offers a super flexible policy as far as reimbursements are concerned. Some reviewers noted that while the support team agreed on reimbursing the package for them, the process itself was too long, sometimes up to 30 days before they got actual reimbursement. For a user who needs the medication urgently and is frustrated by something that gone wrong, it can be too long. Other reviewers noted that they got their refunds as quick as the same day they applied for it. Like with any other shop that operates through the Internet, the reimbursement can be hindered by many factors such as banking/ online payment systems, the country of residents, etc. My Canadian Pharmacy offers a number of 100% reimbursement options, which include damaged “seal” on the packaged/ leaks/ etc. In other words, everything that can make the product do not work the way it should and/or can potentially bring harm, will be reimbursed. The latest My Canadian Pharmacy promises is 14 calendar days from the date the apply for refund was submitted, and you provided the form that confirms you shipped the package back to the company. The range of the medications/ treatments is wide at MCP. And you should look for your specific product before purchasing it to see if it is qualified for reimbursement or not. In case you hesitate, it is better to consult with the help of online chat.

Coupon/bonuses flexibility at My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy offers special deals, which, as of today, are as follows:
  • 4 free bonus pills for all orders;
  • Free Regular Airmail (10-21 days) for orders starting from $150.00;
  • Free Express Courier (currently, for the US Customers Only) (8-14 days) for orders starting from $300.00;
  • Free insurance (guaranteed reshipment on us if the delivery failed for any reason) for orders starting from $200.00.
The website of MCP is convenient enough and hot deals and offers are sited at the special box right at the main page of the website. They also vaguely promise “individual” discounts and deals, but what they mean exactly, is not clear. It might be the way to trick more customers to engage with their online support and later cajoled into buying something. All-in-all, the deals flexibility and coupon-dedication is at its best with MCP and is compared to the most flexible American retailers.