One of the many pharmacies that emerged in the sprawling market of pharmacies offering medications online is MCP. We will explore further in this article what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this brand for a regular user. Is it worth buying online? What are the pros and cons? Let’s see that in detail.


my canadian pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy belongs to the top of the Canadian “all-purpose” online super-all-range-markets. Let’s see how popular it is from the regular user’s point of view?

Let’s say I am an average Canadian or American man seeking a remedy for my erectile dysfunction. What do I type in my google search field? Correct, “Buy Viagra online Canada/ US” or some variation of this. Among the first two pages that google returns in response to this query, MCP’s website does not pop up. Nor do many of the trusted pharmacies. This is because the more focused sites, lots of them are fake ones are in this niche.

However, if you google a broader range of generics available online, you will soon stumble upon My Canadian Pharmacy’s website with its deals.

What do they sell?

pills categories

Pills Categories

Categories of medications

The marketers who work for MCP did a good job and created an impressive range of medication categories, which are based on the real demand of customers. One of the most popular categories is the products for men’s health. Here we have generic analogues of branded drugs aimed at treating erectile dysfunction and eliminating premature ejaculation. Some of the medications are produced with the addition of herbal components and, as a result, the overall effect of the product gets significantly enhanced.

Among other popular categories, we can list painkillers, drugs for women’s health, and antibiotics. Medications that are used to improve women’s health include both pharmaceutical and herbal components to increase sexual desire in women in a natural and healthy way. We also need to mention that the company offers birth control pills.

If to talk about other meds that are on-demand, anxiety treatment drugs and antidepressants are also very popular. For those customers who suffer from chronic ailments of internal organs, the pharmacy can offer cholesterol level control meds, blood pressure control medications, and drugs for stomach illnesses. Diabetics, asthmatics, and epileptics will also find here the pharmaceutical products that can improve their health.

The range offered by My Canadian Pharmacy includes skin care, eye care, and weight loss medications. General health enhancers, vitamin supplements, drugs that help quit smoking, antiviral meds, and cancer meds are also available at this online shop. One can even find medications for pets at MCP.

Now we can see that it’s no wonder that the website is so popular. It offers all medications that a family needs to sustain health and wellbeing. What we have here is that time and money are saved significantly, so more than 40% of customers return to get a refill after their first order was made. The company is justly proud of its earned reputation and aims at building trustful and mutually beneficial relations with customers.

Do they require a prescription?

Each medical case differs and the prescription requirements depend on that. Most e-pharmacies sell drugs without a prescription but at My Canadian Pharmacy, you can order meds right away or request online advice from a certified pharmacist to know if the chosen product is safe for your health. You may also scan your prescription and send an electronic version of it to the pharmacy consultant.

The staff analyzes the dosage recommended by your doctor and provides valuable advice on how to choose the necessary medication online at an affordable price. There is a clever idea of a pill-splitter, which promotes more savings. If your doctor decides that a 50-mg med is what you need to solve your health issues, you can purchase one package of 100-mg and split it accordingly. The only difference is that the price of such a pack is cheaper and besides getting quality drugs, you have an opportunity to buy the recommended meds at a cheaper price and save quite a lot.

prescription policy

prescription policy

What is the My Canadian Pharmacy price policy?

My Canadian Pharmacy is proud of its reputation because of the very clear promotion policy. They provide great discounts and if you’re not sure what a special offer you’re eligible to take advantage of, you may either browse their website yourself or ask for advice from their certified online consultants.

The potential customers who just learned about affordable drugs at MCP may start wondering why the prices are both flexible and low in comparison with other providers. The answer is very simple and the clients need to understand that companies that manufacture generic medications need to compete with brand-leaders of the densely occupied market. Lower prices offered to online pharmacies ensure getting their market share. The business scheme of My Canadian Pharmacy is absolutely transparent and can be easily followed through. The minimum value is added to the initial price and the win is gained from the high number of orders as well as the loyalty of its customers. It’s easy to agree that such an approach is indeed beneficial both for the company and most importantly, to its clients. The company works directly with the pharmaceutical suppliers located all over the world, including but not limited to China, India, and European countries.

What’s more, the e-pharmacy adds free bonus pills to each first order so that customers could try new drugs and, if necessary, compare them to those medications that are currently administrated. It does help get new order but most importantly, it helps customers find out more about the company, get a quality product, and stay loyal. At MCP, you will not find unfairly inflated prices and unreasonable deals. The online shop offers the best promotions from trustworthy wholesale vendors with guarantees from suppliers and manufacturers.

Is it 100 % safe to use a pill obtained through My Canadian Pharmacy?

The quality of all products listed on the website is guaranteed because the reputation of the company is based on how good the products that they offer are in reality. The pharmaceutical business is a serious matter since it concerns such an important matter as customers’ health. Therefore, the idea of selling fakes or poor quality medication is absolutely unacceptable. MCP always demands manufacturers to provide compliance certificates, licenses, and quality statements from governmental health care organizations in all countries all over the world.

This makes any drug received by the customer be safe, and most importantly, effective. Obviously, strict quality control is present when the company needs to deal with storage and shipping conditions. The warehouses are equipped with modern and efficient hardware, which is fully capable to ensure that appropriate storage conditions are fully respected so that meds last as long as it is specified in accordance with their shelf life or, perhaps, even longer.

As for the shipping, it is performed by specially trained workers who understand all the importance of the safe transportation of health products. The safety is confirmed by numerous licenses, certificates, and even international rewards. As we can see, customers of My Canadian Pharmacy can be sure that the pills that are purchased at this online shop are fully safe to use.

Private information protection

It’s needless to say that the importance of private information protection can’t be underestimated. In the case of My Canadian Pharmacy, the important principles of complete privacy and safe transactions were adopted by the company since the very first day of its existence.

The IT specialists of the online shop managed to develop an advanced security system of data encryption channels, which comply with SSL-encryption protocols, restricted server access, and anti-virus protection. Such customer’s personal info as the name, email address, order information, card numbers, and payment details are completely secure and third-party companies have no access to this sensitive data.

Can generics sold in MCP be inefficient or even harmful?



About generic drugs

The generic drugs sold in My Canadian Pharmacy are neither inefficient nor harmful. One has to understand that generics and brand medications contain the same active component and the only difference is that both types of products are sold under different names. Brands patented the pharmaceutical substance, created a marketing campaign, and as a result, gained high profits from sales.

In many cases, generics are manufactured from the same materials and even at the same factories. Yet, the medications are called differently since the brand name is already patented and a lot of money was spent on the promotion and marketing of the product. This creates a huge difference between the price of the branded drug and generic medication. The former is much more expensive than the latter while the dosage, effectiveness, and safety levels remain completely the same.

An example would be a well-known drug called Viagra, which is produced by Pfizer Company. As an active ingredient, it has Sildenafil Citrate, which also appears to be the main component in generic medicine. The generics may be named after this ingredient or differently, but one has to understand that both types of drugs work in the same way. The only difference is that you don’t need to splash a fortune to treat such conditions as erectile dysfunction and still receive quality treatment. In fact, generic drugs may have further benefits such as herbal ingredients the addition of which creates a more powerful combination with the main component. As a proof, excellent customer reviews state that generics might be even better than branded drugs, which are sold at much more expensive prices.

What about patent and licensing?

My Canadian Pharmacy together with its affiliates is registered in Canada and is approved by governmental bodies, which are responsible for the healthcare and drug administration in particular. It’s important to note that from the very beginning, the company was launched according to both national and international standards. For instance, not all companies in the US can perform in accordance with lobbying and multiple legal registrations.

What are the providers/manufacturers of My Canadian Pharmacy?

MCP works with trustworthy suppliers, which are located in India, China, some European countries, and Canada. The market in those countries is rapidly expanding so fair competition ensures low prices. Customers can find the country of origin of the medications on the website and if required, look through the detailed drug description.

Is support ready and available?

My Canadian Pharmacy provides 24/7 customer support, the representatives of which are licensed pharmacists. No matter how basic or complicated your inquiry is, the professionals will help you with the information about prescriptions, drug options, intake regimen, contraindications, side effects, etc. The communication on the website is carried out over the secure connection with the help of a protected server. You are free to ask any questions you might have about medications, payment options, delivery methods, technical performance of the website, and so on.



My Canadian Pharmacy contacts page

Delivery policy and speed

There are two delivery options available at My Canadian Pharmacy website:

  • Standard Airmail Delivery

If you decide to use this type of delivery, it will take from 10 to 21 days for the product to be delivered to you. It is similar to an international postage service and if you’re a customer outside the US, that’s will be the only option available to you. At the moment of posting this article, the delivery costs approximately $15.

  • Express Courier Delivery Service

All US customers can use this type of delivery. Its advantage is that it is faster than the regular airmail delivery and it usually takes from 8 to 14 days for your package to appear at your doorstep. This will cost you about $25 and when using this delivery option, you’ll be able to track the order and even reschedule delivery when required.

Free shipping options and delivery insurance

Free shipping is possible if the customer places the following orders:

  • Regular Airmail: Orders from $150,00
  • Express Courier: Orders from $300,00

The e-pharmacy offers insurance for your order and it may cost about $4.95 with a guarantee of a reshipment. For orders that cost more than $200, the free shipping insurance is provided. Obviously, this makes MCP one of the most reliable online companies on the market.

Reimbursement/return policy

In order to protect the customer, My Canadian Pharmacy created return policy rules. However, if you want to learn what products are eligible for the reimbursement, you might need to contact customer support representatives since only the limited number of medications listed on the website can be returned and get refunded.

Basic information about reimbursement:

  • The pharmacy guarantees a 100% refund if the products have damaged seals, leaks, or similar
  • If you decide that the reimbursement needs to be made, contact the online shop within 14 days from the actual date of the delivery

Coupon/bonuses flexibility

The list of special offers and bonuses is more than attractive:

  • Four free pills for every order
  • Free delivery for large orders from $150 (Regular Airmail delivery, 10-21 days)
  • Free delivery for large orders from $300 (Express Courier delivery (US Customers Only), 8-14 days)
  • Free insurance (reshipment in case of a failed delivery) for orders from $200.

discounts and coupons

The website of My Canadian Pharmacy is convenient enough and hot deals and offers are sited at the special box right at the main page of the website. They also vaguely promise “individual” discounts and deals, but what they mean exactly, is not clear. It might be the way to trick more customers to engage with their online support and later cajoled into buying something. All-in-all, the deals flexibility and coupon-dedication is at its best with MCP and is compared to the most flexible American retailers.