Upon numerous queries from our customers regarding the shipping methods and terms we provide, we have compiled a detailed list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which shipping options are available?

  • Your order can be delivered to you via Regular Airmail or Express Courier.
  • With Regular Airmail, the delivery of your ordered medicines will take in between 10 and 21 days and will be priced at around $15.
  • By using the Express Courier service, you can expect your package to arrive sooner, usually within 8-14 days; however, the rates are higher too, and such delivery can cost you up to $25.

Both methods are reliable and time-tested; each comes with its benefits and shortages, so choosing between them will depend on your particular circumstances. The Regular Airmail delivery service is available in the majority of countries around the world, while only our U.S.-based customers can take advantage of Express Courier. The latter, however, comes with a variety of additional services that many of our clients enjoy. For an extra fee, people who opt for the Express Courier shipping will be able to track down their package on the move, make last-minute changes to the delivery schedule, or have their order delivered to their doorstep overnight.

How is the delivery address different from the billing address?

When filling in your order form to buy medications from our pharmacy, you will see that we ask all our customers to provide us with both their billing and delivery addresses. The billing address is an address at which your credit card bill arrives or the one that is tied to your debit card. The delivery address is where you want us to ship your purchased goods. If you are ordering medicines for your personal use, these two addresses will probably be the same.

Even if your billing and delivery addresses are the same, please specify both of them on the checkout page. This is how we can be sure that your order gets to you in time and in full.

How does it work?

Start by selecting the medicinal or non-medicinal drugs from our online catalogue of products and adding them to your virtual cart. Always specify the exact amount and dosage you are seeking to purchase.

Move on to the checkout page to fill in the required information, including your personal details, billing and delivery addresses, payment data, etc. Any personal or financial information you share with us is strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third party.

Choose one of the two available delivery methods – regular airmail or express courier delivery – based on how quickly you want your parcel to arrive and whether or not you are ordering your medicines from within the United States. Also, check to see if you qualify for a free of charge shipping.

While the list of regions and states we can ship our medications to is extensive, it still has its limitations. Some countries may place restrictions on the meds that are permitted for import. Make sure your destination country allows this kind of shipping. If you cannot find a particular country on our list, give us a call for further clarification.

Closer to the expected delivery time, we ask our customers to check their postbox regularly. Most manufacturers warn that their products are sensitive to heat and humidity, so leaving them unattended in the mailbox for a long time where they can be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture may cause irreparable damage.

We may not be able to ship your order right away if the medicines you have ordered are out of stock for the moment. In this case, your purchased meds will be shipped to you the next day. Please note that My Canadian Pharmacy does not have the responsibility to fulfill the order for any meds whose production has been called off by the manufacturer.

Be warned that the delivery of medications to cut-off rural regions may take longer than the promised time.

How to avoid misdelivery and other issues? Why insure the shipping?

Our pharmacy will not be held liable for the inability of any third party shipping services to deliver your package in time or in full. To secure yourself from having your medications lost, damaged, misdelivered, or mishandled by the third party delivery service, we offer our customers to insure their purchase. By paying a small shipping insurance fee of $4.95, you can be sure that you will receive the goods you are buying no matter what. Should anything happen to the package on its way to you, you are guaranteed to have your order re-shipped to you promptly.

Please be informed that free insurance coverage extends to all purchases starting from $200.

Is there a return and refund policy available?

Like any other business that operates legally on the territory of the USA and internationally, we are obliged to provide our customers with the option of returning the goods they purchased from us and receiving a refund for these goods. The terms and conditions of our Return and Refund policy are outlined in the corresponding section of the website. Please read them carefully before you choose to return some medicinal or non-medicinal goods to us and request a refund.

Here are the essentials of the document:

Our customers are eligible to return their ordered goods within 14 days of the day of delivery. During this time, our clients may request to be refunded 100% of the cost of the goods they are planning to return in case the quality, safety, or other characteristics of such goods do not meet their stated parameters.

Each such refund request is studied individually with close consideration given to the volume of the ordered medications, their initial price, whether or not the customer used a discount coupon to purchase the said medicines, the condition in which these products are returned to us, etc.

To get a refund for the products you want to return, you will have to send these back to us, preferably in their original package. Make sure you have your order details close at hand when you get in touch with our managers. We will provide you with a return form that you will need to fill in and enclose into the return order.

Mind that some medicinal products are not subject to the return under the existing laws.

Until after we have confirmed the reception of the goods eligible for return and refund, the order is your sole responsibility.

Any costs associated with returning the goods to our pharmacy are the responsibility of the customer. We might reimburse these costs later if there is enough evidence that the goods were damaged, expired, or otherwise defective through our fault.

You have 14 days of the date of your return request approval to send back the goods to us. We will refund the cost of these goods within 7 working days upon the confirmation of the return delivery. The refund money will be transferred to you via the same payment channel you used when placing the order.

It is important that you do not ship back any products to us until after you have received written confirmation from our managers.