My Canadian Pharmacy is synonymous with high quality – the quality that is perceived in products as well as the services. Being one of the most popular e-stores in the industry, we do not only have a set of competitive prices to fall back on when attracting our target audience; we add value through an elaborate set of services that are irreplaceable for our customers. We invite you to learn more about them on this page.

Customer support you can message around the clock

Have you got a question regarding the work of our website? Do you have a suggestion to make, or possibly you are not certain about how to place an order? We are prepared to answer your questions if you reach out to us using the contacts from the respective page on our website. We pride ourselves in delivering prompt answers to every message we receive. The beauty of it is that you can get in touch with us any time of the day, and we will get back to you within the shortest time frame.

This kind of service is indispensable when you are a novice in ordering your meds online; for some shoppers clicking home, pills are still a new scene. No worries, we have got you covered.

Help in picking correct products and dosages

When you find yourself at a loss and needing guidance for choosing the correct dosage or package of the drug, our expert advice is just a few clicks away. With so much diversity we provide, there is always the impasse of choosing the best medication for your individual case. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are prepared to consult you in an email message or during a LiveChat session, helping you to pick the right form of the active substance that was prescribed to you.

Prescription assistance

We can help you with submitting the prescription, transferring it from another pharmacy or connecting you to professionals who can help you with prescribing for you, if your condition admits of telemedicine services.

Get your refills or refill reminders automatically

You will never run out of your drug supply – which is especially useful when you have a condition that requires taking a certain medication chronically. With the service of automatic refills, your order will be repeated with a simple confirmation from you. Another way to approach this is to opt for semi-automated refills, which are essentially a reminder sent to you on a fixed date before you run out of your current supply. This service takes a lot of planning anxiety out of the equation, and creates extra space for spending time doing what you enjoy doing, or dedicating it to the special people in your life

Opt-in newsletters with discount alerts

Would you like to never miss a single meaningful discount for products you shop on repeat? That would be nice, but do you know what would be even nicer? Having A-list access to all the discounts, promotions, seasonal and clearance sales while the stocks still last. It is a known fact that as soon as a popular item goes on sale, it flies off like hotcakes. With our newsletter service, you will be tipped on all the upcoming events so that you will have every chance of bagging that Holy Grail product before anybody else does – at a steal price!

Bringing together discounts for popular pills

We hear you, the cost of meds in your local pharmacy shop is through the roof; and when it comes down to really popular brands or products, it is twice so. We have accepted the challenge; our answer to this pet peeve of yours is teaming up with drug manufacturers and qualifying for major discounts by loyal collaboration with them. In essence, we give up our trade-offs for your sake, discarding the possibilities to impose bigger markups, and swapping those for meaningful discounts for you.

On the main page of our website, you will always find a fresh set of discount and promotional codes unlocking a new level of affordable for your favorite products. Not finding the one you are looking for? Avail from our general discount code that can be redeemed with your next order, or hit us up on the email, and we will work out an individual discount for bigger orders.

Informational support feature

We work day and night finding the most relevant information about conditions and existing therapies, and we bring it to you in the most digestible way. As a result, you will find a detailed description of every product we have on our formulary, with expert tips on how to use them. At this point, it is important to remind you that every prescription drug requires an in-person consultation with a board-certified doctor, and the information contained on our website should only be used for reference and general awareness.

Pharmacology and medicine news

If anything exciting happens in the world of medicine or pharmacology, you can say with certainty that you learned it from us. We are passionate about bringing you the most current knowledge on therapies, drugs and hitherto unexplored potential of existing medications. We promise you that you will enjoy reading those – getting healthier and more aware can be fun!

Diversified shipping options

A lot depends on the way your meds are shipped to you; first off, it is truly important to get the conditions right so that the pills you ordered are kept in conditions that are indicated in their inserts. To this end, we only collaborate with post services we trust to be able to meet the high standards imposed by the industry.

Next up, we respect your privacy; your health information is safeguarded by a double layer of data protection at all times. Your receipt will not contain any reference to the nature of the goods you paid for, and the package will be opaque and generic.

You can choose between several shipping options proceeding from fees charged for it and added features, like order tracking. Keep in mind that some of these methods are only available for U.S. deliveries.

Shipping insurance

We strongly recommend you to avail of this additional service: at a little extra charge ($4.95) you will get a guarantee of re-shipping in case of the package loss or damage that did not result from a fault on the part of our pharmacy. For bigger orders (starting from $100,00) we include the shipping insurance free of charge.

Loyalty program arrangement and implementation

It pays being a return customer at our pharmacy. You get access to better deals, and your savings pile up with every order that you place. You get to enjoy free sample pills, you are notified about upcoming sales and you get extra points for referring our service to your friends and relatives. We encourage your striving to live a healthier life, and we are certain that helping your near and dear get their healthcare on better terms should be rewarded. We cannot wait to see you among our regulars!