The mission

Here at our website, you will always get the feeling that it is suddenly very easy to take good care of your health, as well as that of your near and dear. This is because we keep our eyes firmly on what truly matters: our ultimate goal is to make every consumer healthier than the day before.

Our every task is dedicated to this mission of spreading health affordably:

  • Negotiating better prices with the best drug manufacturers
  • Developing a loyalty program, discounts, and bonuses
  • Offering unique diversity of brand and generic drugs
  • Creating an international delivery plan
  • Preparing safe drug use information

Our drugs & prices

The most important part of our work is by supplying consumers with healthcare products. Of course, we are a store, and as such we fully depend on what we make selling our ware; but we look beyond that. Our purpose is to distribute products that give our buyers the most valuable of all assets: health, recovery, wellbeing, and hope. Thus, we are very goal-driven and result-oriented. This is why we have dedicated staff members whose task is to make sure that the manufacturers we work with provide medications that meet the rigid standards within the industry.

Speaking about the range of products, we strive to bring the fullest assortment of pharmaceuticals currently available on the market, for every condition. Our main focus remains male sexual health and couple’s health since this is the most unevenly and inaccessibly priced category of medications in physical stores and most other e-pharmacies. We have detected this white space in the industry to fill it in with meaningful and economically accessible offers so that our customers can bring back and improve their intimate lives reliably and inexpensively. This goes hand in hand with our mission of making quality healthcare products universally accessible.

Canadian Pharmacy drugs: the highlights

  • Drugs in 25+ categories, structured by condition
  • Diversified therapies for every condition
  • Compliance with the industry’s standards
  • Strong focus on men’s health drugs

The price charged for materials and workforce, not brand names

Customer safety

When we speak about consumer safety, we mean the way our pharmacy functions:

  • We have a rigid privacy policy that is reinforced through a large number of internet security tools and maintained by some of the best technical specialists;
  • We provide information about safe and responsible use of drugs you can buy from us;
  • The information presented on our pages is referential; we make certain our customers are aware of the importance of physical examination at the doctor’s office;
  • Our in-house pharmacists are ready to give practical advice on specific matters;
  • We value the confidentiality of our shoppers, protecting the sensitive data related to their health and healthcare shopping on every stage of working with our pharmacy;
  • Online payments made on our website are secured by cutting-edge internet protection technologies.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

My Canadian Pharmacy is a strong believer in sustainable growth. Our team takes an active part in campaigns that promote responsible pharmaceutical manufacture. On the pages of our website, we explain how to use medications in a way that is friendly towards nature, which is especially true with drugs like anti-bacterial agents. We encourage our shoppers to be wary of the actual amounts of drugs they need, so as not to go for unnecessary refills, and we took it one step further by incorporating the automatic refills program in our services. Our pharmacy is supportive of those who wish to dispose of their expired or unused medications in an environmentally-friendly way.

To sum it up, here is what we do for our planet:

  • Support sustainable drug production
  • Boycott irresponsible pharmaceutical practices
  • Spread awareness about responsible drug use and disposal
  • Contribute to environmental protection

Services that add value

The pharmacy business is more than a store; we have covered this adage in the preceding paragraphs. Our value is built and reinforced through several services that our customers cannot easily replace. Our individual-oriented approach to serving customers translates into increased levels of consumer trust, more measurable health outcomes and more meaningfully accomplished pharmacy tasks.

At our drugstore, you can always count on being greeted with these services:

  • Customer support with the prompt response
  • Help in picking correct products and dosages
  • Assistance with submitting a prescription
  • Automatic or semi-automatic refills
  • Opt-in newsletters with discount alerts
  • Aggregating discount coupons for popular drugs
  • Providing accurate information on medications and their use
  • Pharmacology and medicine news
  • Diversified shipping options
  • Shipping insurance
  • Loyalty program arrangement and implementation

MCP is all about the concept of intensely humane healthcare distribution. We are passionate about making this world a healthier place, and are excited for you to join us in our initiative!