We are glad to welcome you to one of our online platforms. We want our clients to feel confident in the protection of their privacy and understand that anonymity, as well as the safety of your data, is one of the crucial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. Our main virtue is safeguarding. My Canadian Pharmacy privacy standards meet the rules and regulations established by the Canadian government. Our commitment to the protection of your privacy bases on the list of the following aspects:

Personal Responsibility

Our chief responsibility is to protect the data you share with us within limits established by PIPEDA law. Everything that falls under the privacy parameters is controlled by the limited number of people who are liable for the illegal use of your data. Accountability for the protection of your medical information is also implied.


We always identify the purposes for which the information is collected. We always specify the information you should be aware of before you cooperate with us and proceed with the payments.


Our customers’ consent is required so that we could proceed with the official interaction. By using the website and ordering the goods, you accept our Privacy Policy terms, as well as Terms and Conditions. You can learn more about the collection, limited disclosure, and further use of your data from one of our online specialists.

Temporary Information Storage

All information we collect is stored for a limited time only. We do not have the right for permanent data storage, as it implies serious risks connected with its illegitimate use by third parties.

Limited Information Use

This principle is closely connected with personal responsibility. Each of our staff members deals with a limited range of obligations, thus having access to limited data that can be processed within specific limitations. Additionally, we try hard to keep this information relevant and correct. It helps us achieve promptness and accuracy in the local and foreign pharmaceutical market.


We coordinate our activity under the control of up-to-date security technologies and the urgent help of our experienced IT specialists. MCP protects your private information and healthcare data safe from unauthorized access. No one will have the possibility to misuse your data. Accuracy is among our main policies.


My Canadian Pharmacy is ready to provide the customers and potential clients with relevant information about the way your private information is used and who is responsible for its management.


Transparency and openness imply that our customers should be notified about the possible changes in their data. Prompt notification will be sent in case if there’s a need to transfer the information or disclose it in any way. Every customer should heck and justify the information. We want your data to be accurate and valid. Every client of MCP has direct access to his data upon a regular request and justification from his side.

Direct Communication

Customers have the right to contact our management for any inquiries that might occur during our interaction. We will provide you with all sufficient information about the aspects of our Privacy Policy and data management. We never conceal anything concerning our official practices and financial operations. Direct communication and complete transparency pledge to sustain mutual trust and benefit.

Considering Testimonials

MCP can’t deny that your personal data is collected. You should understand that we do it within the governmental laws and regulations, thus becoming lawfully responsible for potential data leakages. If you think our safety and security measures are insufficient, you can send us an inquiry or leave feedback using the contact information presented on the website. Your concerns and testimonials are important to us because you trust us, and we take your trust a priority.

Information We Collect: Types & Use

Our privacy and security policies imply that we are allowed to collect the limited amount of information for the further use and possible disclosure to our third-party agents and associates. Anyone who has access to this information, fully or partially, is responsible for its protection from those who can violate it and use it against you. The following list includes types of personal data that we are limited to:

  • Personal contact information, such as your address, full name, and phone number;
  • Healthcare information concerning your prescriptions and any officially approved information provided by your medical practitioner;
  • Financial data, including your payment details, transactions, and credit card information;
  • Any information that you share with us in phone conversations or by email;
  • Any additional information we might request from you to specify the details of your order or choice of certain medications.

Types of personal information we collect and use may vary depending on the customer’s needs. We do have to collect additional data to make sure our products and services will not hurt you in any emotional, psychological, and physiological ways. Our online management has the right to ask you for additional healthcare facts and indicators if you’re planning to purchase a medication having severe side-effects on certain patients.

Disclosure Circumstances

We do have to disclose your data partially, which is a regular part of business conduct. In any case, we do not have a right or lawful permission allowing us to sell your information to anyone who might use it for his own purposes. Your data can be disclosed officially to third-parties in the following cases:

  • Authorizing a prescription. This procedure is normal for pharmaceutical businesses. We sell brand medications that demand a prescription because their manufacturers want to prevent you from misuse and unwanted after-effects. We may ask your healthcare institution or your medical practitioner to prove that your current prescription is valid.
  • Contacting your pharmacy. We can also disclose a part of your healthcare data to your regular brick-and-mortar pharmacy or send an inquiry there to find out more about the medications you take currently and provide a more effective medication course.
  • Delivering your goods. For the sake of prompt delivery and protection of your goods, we share your contact information with our transport services.

Regardless of whether you are a former client or a current customer, your information will be kept safe from anyone who could use it unlawfully. We understand all risks connected with the pharmaceutical industry and protect the health and anonymity of our clients 24/7. If you are a potential client who has questions about our Privacy Policy, contact our online specialist on the phone, via email, or an online form that you can fill in at the bottom of the page.