Mission Statement

My Canadian Pharmacy provides excellence in health care and wellness for the whole person through teamwork, with access and compassion for all.

Vision Statement

My Canadian Pharmacy will be an integrated, community-responsive health care system providing high quality, cost effective primary and secondary health care services linked with other providers.

Values Statement

Compassion… A sensitivity of human need and commitment to be of service to co-workers, patients and guests, both directly and through influence and advocacy.

Holistic¬†Orientation… The understanding that the human person includes spiritual, psychological, physical and social dimensions.

Human Dignity… A deep and evident respect for all persons based on equality before God and manifested in genuine kindness and truthfulness toward patients, co-workers and all persons we encounter.

Quality… An organizational drive and commitment for excellence, characterized by high performance, innovation, stewardship of resources, teamwork, and by regularly evaluating the impact of service.

Trust… The recognition that working together can create a power greater than the sum of individual activities, and that mutual respect demands collegiality, consensus seeking and cooperation.

Service… Benchmarking for service excellence and BCHS will be synonymous. We will be recognized as the premier provider of customers service and the employer of choice in our market.


My Canadian Pharmacy remains deeply committed to the delivery of high quality, accessible health care that existed in our predecessor hospitals. BCHS is a true community asset, with ownership shared between Trinity Health (formerly Mercy Health Services) and Westbrook Board (formerly Community Hospital Association).