For your acknowledgment, find below the Policies on Patient Counseling, Safety, and Medication Safety Use. Read it, and give a consent to proceed with further browsing of the Website.

Online Consultation

At My Canadian Pharmacy we believe that a pharmacy should be much more than a place where one gets medications and has his prescription filled. Our pharmacy goes above and beyond and provides one with counseling for pharma-related questions. If you believe you cannot figure out your prescription, we guarantee you the exceptional patient counseling aimed to guide one through the whole use of our services.

Patient counseling is a service of providing our customers and clients with vital information, advice, and assistance regarding the medications. We ensure they take them safely without putting at risk others. This service also involves information about the patient’s medical history, lifestyle. Pharmacists advise on medication instructions, dosages, applications. In particular, it concerns whether one or another drug should be taken with or without a meal, washed down with a lot of water or chewed, taken in the morning/evening or on-demand. Such recommendations provide patients with a full understanding of how one drug works and how it can bring the most effect.

At MCP we have only qualified and licensed pharmacists who are trained enough to provide counseling. They can help patients have their questions answered. However, at all times, all information provided by our party cannot be considered the first-line advice or substitute for the patients’ healthcare providers/physicians consultations. Please, before buying or taking any medication, consult your doctor to exclude the possibility of severe side effects or deterioration of your current health condition.

Patient Safety

MCP focuses on the patients’ safety as one of the top priorities. We are committed to delivering only safe and qualitative services. And, all the staff is continuously encouraged to meet the expectations of customers. We offer error-free care in which only professionals engage with patients and only pharmacists advice on administration or application of drugs. We do not compromise on quality and one’s health. MCP team insists on the importance of having previous consultations with a physician to ensure the right direction in the treatment is set and ongoing.

To move with the times, our party takes part in numerous pharma and medical studies. We check how the safety of our care is achieved, and how we can boost it more. Besides, we collect the statistics of how many patients accomplished their treatment goals with us.

Note, any services or products with us comply with the legislation, and approved by the FDA only. We do not put at risk our clients with counterfeit or doubtful therapies. In case, you believe your safety is violated, immediately address this concern to us, we will do our best to solve the issue for you.

Medication Safety

At MCP, we offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products, in particular, medications for various health conditions. All of them are previously tested for efficiency, quality, and safety to ensure clients are deprived of any negative consequences or disappointment. Any client who turns to us will be strictly supervised in terms of age and eligibility. We do not sell medications to underaged people and do not allow clients without a valid prescription to go for prescription-only drugs. Besides, we ask one to answer a few questions in the form before processing an order. It helps our pharmacists to check whether one is not contraindicated to a drug or whether one puts himself at risk by taking it. If at any time, one of our pharmacists decides you are not an eligible candidate for receiving medications with us, we will let you know it via email, and offer another solution or medication.

Note, as for the shipping of medications, we have some restrictions to EU destinations where some products are not authorized. Please, double-check whether your country is eligible for international shipping and delivery.

Currently, we distribute Men’s and Women’s Health Drugs only. They, in turn, are divided per generics and branded, prescription or OTC ones. If you require a prescription drug, make sure to attach a valid prescription. Otherwise, let us fill it for you.

Our Regulations For Protecting Customers

Asking questions is the key step to choose the best treatment for your health condition. Everything starts with a physician’s consultation, after with our pharmacists who can only show and advise on our goods catalog. To provide you only with safe services and medications, our staff is trained to reveal the basic and ultimate information about indications, mechanisms, and side effects of drugs you look forward to taking or already take on a regular basis.

We recommend all our clients to check their prescriptions once they pick them up from the pharmacy. We inform about warnings of products such as following a certain diet, quit smoking or no-driving activity. We insist on proper handling and storing of the medications. It means one should hide them from children.

Finally, MCP always recommends to strictly monitor your health conditions during the intake. In case of the slightest side effects, do not take it easy. If your state only deteriorates, seek emergency immediately. The same concerns those events when one believes he is overdosed. Please call 911.