The consent of the User is expressed in the purchase steps established on the website accepting each of them and is perfected with the final declaration of purchase after having reviewed the summary of the order, and that for all legal effects will be considered as your electronic signature in terms of the Commercial Code. Before the final confirmation of the purchase, the user may cancel the purchase at any time.

The company will issue an acknowledgment of receipt to the email registered by the user upon registration, which will contain information on the exact price to be paid including taxes (if applicable), shipping costs, how the payment was made. When the user makes their first online payment with a card on the website of the company, they must prove an identity authentication process to avoid fraud by the improper use of credit or debit cards. If the user also requests, an invoice will be sent to said email address.

Exchanges and Returns Policies

In the event of defects in the quality or suitability of the medicines and other products acquired through the website within the warranty term of the respective product, the legal guarantee may be used in the terms stipulated in these Website Terms and Conditions.

For it to be appropriate to request exchange or return of money, it is required that the object of the contractual obligation has been delivered defective, has not been the one requested by the user or is not suitable for consumption. For the reshipping or the return of money to proceed, it is required that they have been requested within 24 hours of delivery, as well as by company policies the returns will be processed within 72 hours after requesting the cancellation or refund of an order.

For the return of the money to proceed, the product subject to change must be within the premises of the company; for this, the user must notify the Customer Service of their intention to return the product within 24 hours after delivery, the company will be responsible for collecting the product and validate that this is in the conditions of change required by the company. The money is refunded within 14 days following the receipt of your returned goods at our warehouse.

Under no circumstances will exchanges be made for reasons other than those mentioned above or for those expressly contemplated in the Law. In other words, as far as the products offered by the company are concerned, no changes will be made for reasons attributable to the tastes, assessments or changes of the decision of the user. Likewise, the exchange or return of money in wholesale and / or high specialty orders is not appropriate.