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MCP, and further on also referred to as MCP operating at reserves the full right to make amendments to the current Agreement without informing the users. Thus, one should always proceed with reviewing this page to be informed about all the updates.

Usage of the Website

As per Agreement, users must follow certain Privacy and Security Measures. Unless specified, one cannot simply change or retrieve materials overlooked on the site. One may print, download them in certain situations and for personal use only. However, one should also receive the consent from MCP representatives before retrieving information for purposes not mentioned in this Agreement. Please abstain from violating the use policies at all times. It may provoke disciplinary actions or even legal proceedings.

Data Usage

All advice, recommendations are not a subject for the substitution of one’s healthcare provider’s advice. The MCP team does not prescribe, provide medical consultations, or discuss one’s health condition. Always address such requests and concerns to your doctor.

MCP can change or update the pharmaceutical product descriptions posted on the Website if it is required. Due to the changing character of information or manufacturers’ instructions, the MCP team while updating descriptions of pharmaceutical products, does not bear any responsibility for errors or discrepancies. Address such concerns directly to manufacturers.


The MCP team administers the Website following US legislation. Remember, you can always access, view or use its sources and materials at your risk only. If at any time possible, you face issues while using the Website, any of them are subjects for potential legal resolving.

No Medical Advice

Even though the MCP staff is accomplished in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, it cannot provide medical advice. Besides, the information cannot serve a substitute for real consultation with the healthcare provider. Before buying anything with the Website, speak with a physician to ensure you are not contraindicated to a product. Descriptions of pharmaceutical products or any articles cannot be used for diagnosing or treating one’s health conditions.


MCP is a registered trademark operating at All graphic materials, interfaces, trademarks, and logos are protected by copyright and owned by the Website. Unless specified, one cannot use, retrieve or copy them. Upon receiving Website consent, one can use them only for personal purposes.

E-mail Communication

Note, MCP insists that any communication that proceeds via email is a subject for possible hacking or loss that does not depend on us. Thus, please abstain from sending the MCP team any information you believe is confidential or sensitive. We are not responsible for any negative consequences obtained via email.

External Sources

The MCP team can post links or references to external sources serving for the user’s convenience, and acknowledgment only. MCP team is not liable for the content found on external sources. Redirecting to any sites occurs at your risk only.


MCP collects data about users’ traffic via the use of cookies and server logs. In case, you do not want to share such computer files with the MCP team, you may restrict your browser at sole discretion. Set it up by going through the Help section in your currently-used browser. Note, cookies let us only collect information about the user’s type of browser and his usage of our web pages. They help statistics and marketing of MCP operations. Authorized staff only has access to them, and uses them only by complying with one’s privacy.

Site Operation

MCP website is on around the clock. However, our team can terminate or suspend its servicing at any time. Thus, we are not liable for any damage to your personal data during such nonavailability or termination of MCP services.

Users’ Data

All data provided by users and customers remain safe and confidential. From you, we expect that you do not post, share or upload any data that may harm others or contain abusive or violated content. All comments and concerns addressed to the Website are automatically considered our exclusive property and you grant us its full royalty-free usage.


All data, materials, graphics or external sources links are provided only for information purposes. One cannot use them for promotional or commercial purposes, and for diagnosing or treating health conditions. You should always consult with a physician prior to buying or taking any medications. From our side, we do our best to update information and reveal for user’s acknowledgment authentic instructions, and descriptions received from manufacturers and dedicated experts. If you find any discrepancies or believe one information is not correct, please address these concerns to us. We are ready to make advances with users and clients to ensure they receive an exceptional experience with us.

Agreement on Applicable Law

All MCP users should comply with any local legislation, regulations, and laws.

Commitment of Parties

MCP and users are considered as stand-alone parties where one provides certain services, the second one receives them only. There is no intention to create any extra relationships by using the Website.

Information for International Users And Customers

All the prices on the Website are mentioned in US dollars only but can be quoted in any other currencies. Prices are subject to change if required without prior notice to clients. Payment proceeds before the acceptance of one order.