General Questions

Does My Canadian Pharmacy have a physical-location store?

My Canadian Pharmacy exclusively operates in online space and does not have any physical-location offices or its own real-world drugstores in Canada or elsewhere. That said, our business activity fully complies with the existing Canadian legislation and is governed by it at all times.

How do you ensure the safety of the ordering process?

We take great care to protect all and any personal, medical, and financial information that our customers share with us. All such information about our customers – their personal details, the nature of their orders, their financial or medical records, etc. – is encrypted and processed in full compliance with the strictest principles of data protection.

Does my doctor need to know that I am purchasing my medications from you?

You are not legally required to inform your prescribing physician about where you choose to get your prescription filled. However, for safety reasons, we advise you to keep your doctor updated on this. Actually, we recommend that your doctor should get in touch with us directly if he or she has any questions about your prescription or the medications you are buying from us.

Ordering and Payment Questions

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to buy prescription drugs from your online pharmacy?

Only adult customers of 18 years and older who have a valid prescription for the desired Rx medication can place an order with our pharmacy. Such a prescription can be issued by a licensed physician who is allowed to practice medicine and prescribe medications in your resident country.

Please note that, although we might not demand a prescription for some OTC generic drugs, we strongly advise that you see your doctor for proper medical examination and professional consultation before you buy any such medications.

How can I buy prescription medicines from My Canadian Pharmacy?

While placing an order for a prescription drug on our website, you will need to provide us with an authorized document issued by a licensed medical practitioner that confirms the suitability and safety of this particular medication for the treatment of your medical condition. Once we have verified the validity of your prescription, we will approve the purchase and ship the medications to you.

How can I have my prescription refilled in your pharmacy?

Just send us a prescription refill request via email, and our specialists will shortly be in touch with you to specify the details of the order.

What is the maximum amount of a prescription drug that I can order from your pharmacy?

We can only sell as much medicine as your doctor will prescribe to you. The maximum permitted amount of a prescription medication that we can ship to you at a time is limited to a 90-day-worth supply of the drug. This means that if your prescription covers a one-year-long treatment course with a particular Rx medication, we will arrange for four trimestrial shipments, each containing a 90-day supply of the medicine.

Note that you are allowed to order a single delivery of up to 100 tablets/capsules of one drug per time.

Can I discontinue or call off my order after I have already placed it?

Our customers can cancel an order and have its full cost refunded to them at any point until the medicine has been shipped. Otherwise, you can request to return the order that was already delivered to you on the condition that doing this is permitted by the law and complies with the provisions of our Return and Refund Policy.

Are all the medicines that you have in stock displayed on your website? What should I do if I cannot find a particular drug in your catalogue?

Our online catalogue of medications is updated on a daily basis, we always seek to ensure that all the information there is accurate and complete. However, if you cannot find a specific medicine on our website, you are welcome to contact our managers and have them check its availability for you. If it is out of stock for the moment, we will inform you when your medicine becomes available again.

What is the difference between a first-time prescription order and a refill prescription order?

When you place your very first order with us, we ask you to provide as much information as necessary for us to complete the order. This, apart from everything else, includes your full name, delivery and billing addresses, payment details, some information regarding your health condition, a prescription from your doctor if it is available and applicable, etc.

In the future, when you place a refill order with us, this information will not be asked of you.

However, should any of this information have changed by the time of your next order, you are required to notify us of it promptly.

Why are the prices in your pharmacy so much lower?

The Canadian government regulates drug prices across the country to ensure everyone has access to and can afford to buy the medications that they need. This makes our prescription medicines cheaper than in the USA and other countries. We also have a wide choice of quality and inexpensive generic copies of popular branded medications that might not yet be commercially available in the US.

How can I learn what the final cost of my online order with your pharmacy will be? 

The price displayed on our website is the final price that you will have to pay for the medication; there are no hidden costs that will unpleasantly surprise you. Additionally, you specify the most suitable shipping method. Our Regular Airmail delivery service fee is $14.95 per single package.

Is there a sales tax?

My Canadian Pharmacy does not collect a sales tax from its customers.

Can I return the goods and receive a refund in your pharmacy?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods that you purchased from us, or if your order arrives with a defect of any kind, please contact us as soon as possible. In the majority of cases, we will offer to replace the order or issue a full refund for it. To learn more about when you can request a refund or ask to have your goods replaced, please read our Return and Refund Policy carefully.

Drug Quality and Safety Questions

Where do you get all your medications from?

All our medication orders are completed by and shipped from licensed pharmacies located in Canada or duly certified prescription fulfillment facilities that are based abroad, in countries like New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Mauritius, Singapore, India, and others. The medications that you order from us may come from any of the above-said countries.

We only work with pharmacies and prescription fulfillment centers that are duly accredited and approved by their countries’ regulatory bodies and meet all the international standards for quality and safety of pharmaceutical care. This is how we can be sure that our medications are completely safe, always reliably effective, and very affordable.

Are all your medicines Canadian, or do they come from other countries too?

A lot of our medications come from approved and trusted Canadian pharmacies, but we also legally cooperate with properly certified prescription fulfillment facilities located internationally in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Mauritius, Singapore, India, and others. Our affiliated international prescription centers located outside Canada do not ship Canadian medications.

If my order is shipped from a country that is not Canada, will I still get Canadian drugs?

No, Canadian medications can only come from our contracted pharmacies in Canada. If your order is completed by and shipped from any of our affiliated prescription fulfillment centers based in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Mauritius, Singapore, India, and other countries except Canada, it will contain local medications legally procured in the country where such a center resides.

You should not worry about the quality or safety of the medications that are shipped from our affiliated prescription fulfillment facilities located in countries other than Canada. We only do business with properly certified entities that fully comply with the best standards approved in the industry.

Are your drugs produced in the country where they are shipped from?

Although very often the drug manufacturing facilities are physically located in the same country where medications are shipped from to the end customers, it is not uncommon for Canadian or American pharmacies to offer generic drugs that are legally produced in India, Turkey, Singapore, EU, etc.

Today, many US-based brand drug manufacturers also choose to move their production capacities to the developing countries where the production costs are lower and then ship the ready products back to the United States to be distributed through retail pharmacies there.

How are generic drugs different from their branded counterparts?

When a pharmaceutical company introduces a brand-new, effective medication, it is rewarded for its efforts, multi-million investments, and years of hard research work by being granted a patent that guarantees that this company will remain the only one that is allowed to produce and sell its medication for the period of up to 20 years.

As soon as such exclusivity period is over, any other company is permitted to enter the competition and start producing generic versions of the branded medication. While such generics must look different and have different names, their active drug substance is the very same substance found in the original medicine. Generics produce the same therapeutic action as the original branded preparation and treat the same medical conditions.

The significant price gap between the brand-name drug and its generics is due to the lower cost of production of generics and the fact that generic manufacturers do not have to invest in research and development, marketing, etc.

Why do the pills I bought from your pharmacy look different from those I get in my local drugstore?

Packaging requirements may differ from one country to another as determined upon by the directions coming from each country’s respective regulatory bodies. For example, even if it is the very same drug produced by the same company, it can still look different in Canada and some European countries.

The existing copyright laws dictate that generic medicines should not look exactly like their branded analogues. Moreover, the packaging of the very same brand-name medication by one manufacturer may look slightly different across various countries. You also should not expect two generics of the same branded drug to look identical if they are produced by two different generic drug companies.

Shipping and Delivery Terms Questions

In what way do you ship medications to your customers?

We use Regular Airmail services to ship our medications around Canada and abroad. The estimated delivery time ranges between 8 and 14 days but can vary depending on the customer’s location, time od the year, etc.

What is the cost of the shipping of prescription and non-prescription drug orders in your pharmacy?

The shipping fee that we charge for the delivery of our goods is the same for prescription and non-prescription medication orders and equals $14.95 per single package. It will usually take us 8 to 14 days from the moment of the order submission and approval to deliver the package to you.

Note that we fully insure all our medication orders against loss or damage. So if your package arrives broken, incomplete, flawed, or if it does not arrive at all, please get in touch with us right away. We will offer to reship the goods free of cost or issue a refund.

Why does it take some orders longer to arrive than was promised?

Due to some factors that are out of our control, your package may sometimes be in transit for longer than the estimated time. Such factors that may delay the delivery of your order include, among others, heavy weather conditions, holiday breaks, delivery service operating trouble, etc.

Even though it does not happen often, we understand very well how such situations may be frustrating and upsetting for our customers. That is why we always do our best to keep you updated on any possible or anticipated delays in the shipment of your order.

We also advise all our clients to have a 30-day-worth supply of medications left at the time they place their order with us to avoid having to interrupt their therapy if their package is delayed.

What should I do if my package is lost?

While such incidents are very infrequent, packages can get lost during shipment. This may be due to a disruption in the work of the postal service, adverse weather events, or delays caused by a holiday season. If your package gets lost through none of your fault, we will reship it to you free of cost. However, we shall not be held financially or otherwise liable if your package is lost because you provided us with the wrong mailing address.

Can I tie my order to someone else’s and have it delivered in one package to save on the shipping costs?

Unfortunately, this is impossible and forbidden by the law. Each package that we ship can only contain medications intended for a single person, namely the one who placed the order.