Business executives are faced regularly with the problem of what to do about good employees whose job performance is slipping because of personal problems. HelpNet can help. HelpNet assists employees, family members, union officials, and supervisors in solving problems that affect job performance.

There is a persuasive case to be made that providing effective prevention and treatment services is not only the right and humane thing to do, it is also a sound business investment. – Walter Wriston, Past Chairperson, CitiCorp

HelpNet agrees. Our full-service Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may be the answer you are looking for to solve problems of:

  • Apathy
  • Tardiness
  • Absenteeism
  • Accidents
  • Low productivity
  • Poor morale
  • Poor workmanship

Many employers are realizing that work flow and quality can be influenced by many outside factors, including employees’ personal problems. HelpNet’s EAP is an effective way to isolate and resolve these problems. Here’s how:

Assessment, Short-Term Problem Resolution and Referral

Assessment counseling is confidential, takes place in person and helps everyone involved to determine the nature and extent of the problems at issue. During assessment the counselor will:

  • identify the problem
  • evaluate it
  • seek immediate resolution when possible

Short-Term Problem Resolution

Once the client’s problems have been identified, the counselor will discuss treatment options with the client When clinically appropriate, the client will continue to receive services from the HelpNet counselor. Approximately 25% of all cases are resolved at HelpNet without further referral.


If the assessment and treatment criteria reveal that the client will require longer term treatment, the HelpNet counselor refers the client to the most suitable community resource.
When making a referral, HelpNet counselors:

  • consider the client’s location, ability to pay, cultural background, and other specials needs
  • identify two or three possible community resources
  • help the employer contain health care costs by identifying cost-effective resources
  • explain which services are covered by the employee’s health insurance

HelpNet carefully screens each treatment agency and systematically evaluates the level and quality of care offered, as well as client satisfaction.


Once the client has been referred to a community resource, the client’s progress is carefully monitored. Client files and follow-up procedures are guided by strict confidentiality regulations.

Help Line

Problems have a way of surfacing after business hours. Your troubled employees, supervisors, or family members can call HelpLine, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. HelpNet counselors, trained in crisis counseling, assess the severity of the crisis and work for problem resolution during the phone interview. When necessary, in-person counseling sessions are arranged, or the client may be directly referred to a suitable community resource.


Supervisors spend 80% of their time with 5% of their employees. HelpNet gives special attention to helping supervisors confront and resolve their problem employee concerns. HelpNet helps supervisors:

  • identify troubled employees
  • assess and document job performance
  • conduct job performance reviews
  • meet confidentiality requirements
  • follow-up after referral

Consultation is always available by phone. Supervisors can call anytime, and as often as necessary.

EAP Training

HelpNet’s EAP is most effective when all company personnel are thoroughly aware of its existence and benefits. What is an EAP? How can it help supervisors and employees? Is it confidential? All of these questions are answered through training conducted by experienced HelpNet staff.

  • Senior management training. Executive briefings are short and concise. HelpNet trainers explain the program and summarize supervisory training.
  • Supervisory training. Your supervisors learn what the EAP is and how to use it to manage employee job performance.
  • Employee orientation. During a brief session, your employees learn that the EAP is free, confidential and that they can trust the program and the counselor. They are encouraged to refer themselves to the program for a wide range of problems.


The more your employees know about the EAP, the more they’ll use it. To publicize your EAP, HelpNet provides a variety of promotional materials including posters and educational leaflets. These materials help employees:

  • remain aware of the EAP
  • learn about specific personal problems
  • use the program before problems become too serious

Statistical Reports

HelpNet helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your program by providing you with statistical data. Quarterly and year-end
reports give you objective program statistics such as:

  • the number of employees using the program
  • where clients are referred
  • types of programs presented

Only statistical data will be shared as HelpNet adheres to all state and federal laws regarding confidentiality.

Cost Containment

HelpNet recognizes that an important concern for employers is the containment of health care costs. Your Employee Assistance
Program is one of the least costly benefits you can provide employees. HelpNet helps contain costs in the following ways:

  • cost-effective referrals
  • consultation on benefits
  • design and preferred providers
  • short term outpatient counseling and health promotion services
  • early identification of problems
  • managed care services

We live in a hectic, anxious world, with pressures and tensions exerted an individuals and families from all sides. It’s because we recognize this that HelpNet was established. People have problems and problems have solutions. We can help you help your employees find them.

To find out how HelpNet can be an important part of your business, call 269-969-6162 or 800-969-6162. Fax: 269-969-6190