My Canadian Pharmacy: Area of Work & Objectives

The main goal of the company is to satisfy the healthcare needs of the clients and provide them with relevant information on various medications. In order to meet the objective, the pharmacy makes every effort to keep the popular products in stock and cooperate with the most trustworthy suppliers. Maximum work is done for the transparent cooperation, stable pricing policy and delivery of healthcare products.

My Canadian Pharmacy is interested in sustaining stable relationships with the clients promoting the best medical care. The team of professional employees and assistants makes the pharmacy one of the leaders in positive customer experience. It is proved by thousands of satisfied clients dealing with the services of the company on a regular basis.

My Canadian Pharmacy Address and Contacts

  • 5129 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, USA
  • Phone: (412) 312-4012

What Makes Canadian Pharmacy Successful?

  • Prompt customer support;
  • Officially certified products of the best quality;
  • Fast and reliable delivery;

The company has an individual approach to every client. If you are satisfied with the service, you have a chance to get a discount in case if you opt for more orders in the future.

The website of the company is constantly improved. New medicines are added to the catalog. Better tools for customer support are being developed. My Canadian Pharmacy deals with only legally produced medications. However, it is highly recommended that you visit your physician before you decide to use any information from the online resource. Everything depends on your personal healthcare needs.

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10 Reasons to Choose Canadian Pharmacy

  1. The medical personnel of the pharmacy has more than ten years of experience so you can trust it completely.
  2. The pharmacy offers best prices and regular discounts for the loyal customers.
  3. You’ll have a chance to save a lot of money on prescriptions in comparison to the local pharmacies in your area.
  4. Canadian Pharmacy Online offers you various ways to place an order – just contact the customer support and choose the best ordering option for you.
  5. The company has fulfillment centers all over the world, that’s what makes the delivery fast and effective.
  6. It’s very convenient – you can get your prescription from any corner of the world.
  7. The website of the company is generally filled with numerous articles on healthcare issues and advice on how to treat them (however, you should keep in mind that each of the drugs you take should be discussed with your physician first).
  8. You get anonymity. No one except for the health professionals of the pharmacy will know about your concerns.
  9. You get around-the-clock accessibility.
  10. The delivery is usually free on the territory of Canada.

Top 5 products of My Canadian Pharmacy

Here is the list of the most requested products:

  1. Generic Viagra

    One of the most requested medications for ED. It’s effective and recommended by doctors all over the world. It’s effective ONLY for Erectile Dysfunction. Generic Viagra is released in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dosages. Appropriate for men of all ages starting from 18 and above 65.

  2. Generic Cialis

    Used for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Cialis is released in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10mg, and 20 mg dosages. Most patients agree that Cialis has a very long-lasting effect. Cialis start working as soon as you get sexually excited. It’s strongly prohibited to give this medication to women and children.

  3. Generic Levitra

    Used for ED or impotence. This medication makes the blood vessel flow stronger relaxing the muscles in them. Levitra can be extremely dangerous in case if you have health problems with heart or blood pressure. It is released in 5mg, 10mg, or 20 mg dosages.

  4. Kamagra

    This is an Indian medication used for ED. It has a lot in common with Cialis, Generic Viagra, and Levitra. However, it is cheaper. Kamagra is made on the base of the same ingredient as Viagra. It’s known as sildenafil citrate. Remember that you have to get a prescription to purchase the medication. It is still considered to be dangerous for certain patients. Kamagra is released in 50mg and 100 mg dosages.

  5. Viagra Professional

    That’s one of the safest and strongest remedies against ED. It normalizes the blood flow in the penile area. This is an approved remedy accepted by millions of doctors for about 20 years. Viagra Professional is released in a 100 mg dosage.

All of the medications are released in different forms. They can be chewable or in the form of jelly. They have different tastes that don’t make them look and feel like real medications.

Top 7 PROS of Online Pharmacy vs. Local Pharmacy

#1 No commotion

It means that you don’t have to leave your comfortable bed in case if you have a chronic condition that makes it hard for you to move around the neighborhood on your own. You won’t need to line up in your local pharmacy. You simply place an order with the help of online healthcare specialists and receive it at a more comfortable time and place.

#2 Significantly lower prices

It happens because the company does not have to pay office rents for the physical pharmacies. An online pharmacy pays only for the warehouse.

#3 Service on a regular basis

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you have to get to your local pharmacy regularly. It’s different if you have your regular prescription online. The medications will be sent to your home monthly and according to the desired schedule.

#4 System of reminders

The client will be regularly reminded via e-mail or SMS about the necessity to purchase this or that medication according to the schedule. It’s especially important if you have elderly relatives who spend a lot of time alone and simply forget to take the prescribed medications.

#5 A refund policy

If the order does not correspond to the prescription and if you think that something is wrong, you simply contact the 24/7 online support and the specialists help you with full or partial refund process.

#6 Private interaction

Most online pharmacies (such as deal with the medications that most people feel uncomfortable to buy at their local pharmacies. You don’t need to make everyone know about your problem to get your prescribed medications. Reliable online pharmacies protect your personal data.

#7 Free professional consultation

If you’re still hesitant to visit a physician and want a small preliminary talk about your concerns, you can easily contact one of the online of the healthcare staff members via email or telephone. However, certain medications demand that you consult with your physician first.