A woman’s life goes through several crucial moments, such as the beginning of fertile age, pregnancy, puerperium and menopause, each of which is characterized by different needs in terms of well-being. Our commitment is aimed at providing pharmacological support and ad hoc information for the needs of women of all ages. Today talking about female health means giving space also to sexual and reproductive health as an integral part of health in general and of the woman’s psycho-physical well-being. Sexual and reproductive health has an impact on personal and affective quality of life, it is correlated to the physiological rhythms of monthly hormonal cyclicity and is regulated by delicate mechanisms that involve the production of sex hormones. In this section, we are offering you drugs to improve your sexuality as well as drugs improving life quality at every age. Drugs from this section allow women to live the intimacy of a couple with full freedom and serenity, responsibly and knowingly managing procreation.