Cancer Care Center

The Cancer Care Center at My Canadian Pharmacy is one of Michigan’s finest cancer treatment facilities. Superbly equipped to combat cancer, your Cancer Care Center capabilities range from early detection including sophisticated PET, CT, MRI, ultrasonic, and nuclear scanning equipment to a full spectrum of cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and supportive care.

Today, most area cancer center patients no longer have to endure added physical and emotional discomfort by having to travel elsewhere for the latest treatments. Comprehensive quality cancer care is available to us all right here in Southwest Michigan.

For those rare cancer cases, which require extreme therapy or radical surgery, the physicians of The Cancer Care Center at BCHS have well-established referral relationships with other leading cancer institutes and can arrange and expedite your care needs. To learn more about your Cancer Care Center, please select from the topics of interest listed below.

Overview – How others grade the services available for cancer patients and their families at Battle Creek Health System. Patient Guide to The Cancer Care Center– Effective cancer care is a team effort involving the patient, his/her physician, diagnosticians, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, nutritionists, and pastoral care counselors.

ACoS Designation – the latest in innovative firsts – Battle Creek Health System’s designation as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons is another in a series of milestones and important health ‘firsts’ for our community.

World’s Most Advance Cancer Treatment Comes to BCHS – Cutting-edge technology using computer-generated images help to plan and
focus cancer-killing energy on the tumor, reducing effects of doses on surrounding healthy tissues.

Biographies of Cancer Care Physicians at Battle Creek Health System– meet the physicians who are dedicated to helping you fight and win your battle against cancer.