Bronchodilator drugs are used for the symptomatic treatment of bronchospasm, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Here you will find the most commonly used drugs to fight asthma in patients across various age groups. They can be used by aerosol, orally and intravenously, and are present in the most frequent pediatric prescriptions. Drugs from this section have the compounds most commonly used in intensive care, especially administered through inhalators.  Today the disease can be treated very effectively: the drugs available at our pharmacy allow good control of the disease, guaranteeing the minimum incidence of adverse effects, which in most cases where they occur are still mild, even in the case where the therapy should be prolonged for long periods. The devices available are very modern and sometimes not easy to use; there is no ideal one, everyone can be effective when they are used correctly. Your doctor or a pharmacist are able to verify the correct use of the inhaler; our specialists will be happy to provide informational support to go with the products from this section!