Discovered by chance, even by mistake, antibiotics are today among the most known and used drugs. Antibiotics are used in case of streptococcal pharyngitis, urinary tract infections or more dangerous diseases, such as pneumonia – on our website you can find antibiotics to fight off any kind of bacteria. Also called antibacterials, antibiotics are drugs that are used precisely to counteract or prevent infections caused by bacteria. They can both kill pathogens and prevent them from multiplying within your body. In the event of a mild attack. Your doctor will tell you in what cases and for how long you need to take them. To get you some more practical examples, however, they have no use against intestinal viruses or flu, and they are superfluous against infections that can heal even without external interventions, while they serve when the problem lies in the urinary tract or on the skin, but also in more cases serious like meningitis or pneumonia. Check out this section to find the best priced antibiotics on Web!