E-pharmacies of various gauge and caliber have sprung into existance a while back. How does one find their way around the best of them? Challenging as it may appear, relying on the expertise of professional reviewers and fellow customers, one can zero in on a truly rewarding supplier of pills. Today we are reviewing the services of My Canadian Pharmacy, its ups and downs, with a conclusion made by industry’s mavens.

What is the place of My Canadian Pharmacy on the today’s Canadian online pharma market?

my canadian pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the leading Canadian companies offering an extremely wide range of medications and supplements with door-to-door delivery. It appears in the top search results, especially if customers are searching for erectile dysfunction meds (like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis). The pharmacy specializes in retail sale of high-quality generic drugs certified in Asia and Europe. Its wholesale suppliers are all approved by local healthcare organizations as trusted. Therefore, My Canadian pharmacy becomes a tough competitor to local US brick-and-mortar pharmacies with their branded drugs. It happens due to more attractive prices, high level of service and really fast delivery.

What do they sell?

pills categories

Pills Categories

Categories of medications

The marketers working for My Canadian Pharmacy have built an impressive range of drug categories based on customer’s inquiries and overall demand. The most popular category is for sure men’s health. It includes generic analogues of well-known drugs to treat erectile dysfunction and eliminate premature ejaculation. There are drugs with the addition of herbal components to improve the overall performance of the product. Other popular categories include painkillers, antibiotics and drugs for women’s health. The latter category includes herbal and pharmaceutical components to enhance sexual desire in women in a healthy and natural way. Also, there are birth control pills for sale online. Antidepressants and anxiety treatment meds are also highly popular in customers. For people with chronic diseases of internal organs the pharmacy offers blood pressure control meds, cholesterol level control meds, drugs for stomach diseases, for diabetics, epileptics and asthmatics.

The range includes eye care, skin care and weight loss meds, as well as general health enhancers, meds to quit smoking, drugs for pets, antiviral, cancer drugs and vitamin/mineral supplements. There is no wonder, why the site has quickly become so popular: it offers what any family needs. Add saved time and money – and you’ll get an answer, why customers love My Canadian Pharmacy. Here is some statistics to prove this idea: more than 47% of customer return for a refill after the first order. The company is proud of its reputation and is aiming to build mutually beneficial and trustful relations with clients.

Do they require a prescription?

The requirements for a prescription depends on the case. Online pharmacies tend to sell medications without a prescription, so at MCP you may order the medications right away or ask for an online advice from a certified pharmacist to find out, if your purchase is safe for your health. Just as well you may scan and send your prescription or send the pharmacy an electronic one.

It helps the staff analyze the dosage your doctor recommended to you and give valuable tips on how to buy the necessary drugs online at a minimum cost. There is a clever idea with a pill splitter. For example, your doctor prescribed you a 50-mg medication. You can buy a package of 100-mg ones at a price that is much cheaper per pill and just split them. It promotes more savings and, as a result, more satisfied customers! Is prescription-free online medication retail good or harmful? We highly trust our customers and expect them to buy only medications they need. We also value their time and don’t want them waste time on visiting the doctor formally, just to get a refill.

prescription policy

prescription policy at My Canadian Pharmacy

What is the My Canadian Pharmacy price policy?

My Canadian Pharmacy gained brilliant reputation due to crystal-clear promotions and special offers that provide real discounts and not just a fiction. You can search for relevant offers at the corresponding site section or ask the online consultants. Why the price is so flexible and generally low?

The answer is extremely simple: generic drug manufacturers have to compete at the densely occupied market with brands-leaders. To help them get their market share, they have to offer lower prices to online pharmacies. MCP has selected fair and transparent business scheme to follow: we add minimum value to the initial price, but win on the high number of orders and customer loyalty. The company managers find such approach right and socially-oriented. In addition, the pharmacy does its best to minimize the mediators in the supply chain. We work directly with pharmaceutical plants located worldwide: in India, China, European countries and more.

Besides, the pharmacy usually offers free bonus pills to the first order, for clients to try new medications, if necessary and compare them to currently administered ones. It helps get new orders and at the same time make customers interested in the company and loyal. At this site you will never find inflated prices and unfair deals. Only best promotions from trusted wholesale vendors and guarantees from manufacturers.

Is it 100 % safe to use a pill obtained through My Canadian Pharmacy?

Yes, we guarantee genuine quality of all products you can find at this website. It’s about company’s reputation. Just imagine what a scandal it would be, if we would sell fakes or descent quality medications. It’s a serious business, in which the primary value is customer’s health. My Canadian Pharmacy always asks manufacturers for compliance certificates, quality statements and licenses from governmental health care organizations in their country or worldwide.

It means that any medication blister received by the end consumer is safe and effective. Special attention is paid to storage and shipping conditions. We equip warehouses with modern and highly efficient hardware to preserve right storage conditions and help the medications last as long as specified in their shelf life or even longer.

Shipping on the side of the pharmacy is performed by specially trained couriers that understand the importance of safely and health protection. The safety in confirmed by numerous certificates, licenses and international awards. Some of them are listed on the website, the other ones can be showed upon request. Therefore, you can be completely sure in the safety of the pills you buy at the website of this pharmacy.

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Private information protection

It’s extremely difficult to underestimate the importance of private information protection. The principles of safe transactions and complete privacy were adopted by MCP from the day of company launch.

Today the pharmacy IT-staff has developed an advanced system of data encryption channels in accordance to SSL-encryption protocols, anti-virus protection and secure restricted server access. The customers can be sure their personal data, for example, names, payment details, card numbers, emails and order information are securely stored with no access to third-parties.

Can generics sold in MY Canadian Pharmacy be inefficient or even harmful?


About generic drugs

Of course, not. It’s a myth. To begin with, it’s important to distinguish between generics and branded medications sold in ordinary pharmacies. Brands were the first to patent the pharmaceutical substance and the first to promote their marketing campaign and gain extremely high profits from sales.

Generics can be manufactured using the same raw materials, maybe sometimes at the same factories, but have a different brand name, a different look and a lower price. The active ingredient, the dosage and the safety levels are always the same.

Let’s consider the example of famous Viagra produced by Pfizer Company. Its active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. There are generics called after this ingredient or named a bit differently. However, they work the same way: treat erectile dysfunction in men without making these men pay a fortune per a single pill. Moreover, generic drugs may have wider options: they may exist in extremely powerful combinations (for example, active component to promote erection + active component to fight early ejaculation), can have herbal ingredients added or exist in higher dosages for severe cases. Excellent customer reviews prove that generics can be even better than traditional drugs sold at more expensive prices and in limited dosages that may not help.

What about patent and licensing?

We have already covered this topic previously, let’s sum up: My Canadian Pharmacy and its affiliate companies are registered in Canada and are approved by local governmental bodies responsible for drug administration and healthcare. The company was launched according to all national and international standards of performing this activity (online sale of medications). Unlike US companies, which cannot perform the same way due to multiple legal restrictions and lobbying, Canadian pharmacies can offer great quality meds at lower pricing.

What are the providers/ manufacturers of My Canadian Pharmacy?

My Canadian Pharmacy cooperates with trustworthy manufacturers from China, India and some European countries. In these countries the market is expanding and provides fair competition and low prices. Some of medications we offer are produced in Canada. Each drug description at our website contains detailed description of the country of origin.

No irreputable/ black listed manufacturers have been detected by our experts.

Is support ready and available?

The Pharmacy offers real-time support 24/7 provided by licensed pharmacists and MD’s. There are basic consultations about drugs, prescriptions, intake regimen, side effects, and contraindications and so on. The support also includes tips of payment options, delivery and technical issues. The communication with the site visitors is carried out by a secure connection and protected server. Feel free to ask any questions you find necessary: about drugs, delivery, payment, technical site performance and so on.


My Canadian Pharmacy contacts page

Delivery policy and speed

At My Canadian Pharmacy website there are two key delivery options:

  • Regular Airmail Delivery

This type of delivery takes 10 to 21 days. It is equal to an international service and is the only available option for customers outside the USA. The complete list of countries, to which such type of delivery is available in updated at our website. This type of delivery costs about $15 at the time of writing this article.

  • Express Courier Delivery Service

This type of delivery is available all US customers. It is much faster and takes 8-14 days to get your package at your door. With this delivery option you can track the order, reschedule delivery and get more advantages. The price of Express Courier delivery from My Canadian Pharmacy is $25.

Free shipping options and delivery insurance

We provide free shipping for the following orders:

  • Regular Airmail: Orders from $150,00
  • Express Courier: Orders from $300,00

In addition to that, My Canadian Pharmacy provides additional insurance for your order. It costs $4.95 and guarantees a reshipment. Free shipping insurance is available for orders from $200. This makes the pharmacy one of the most reliable at the market.

Reimbursement / return policy at My Canadian Pharmacy

Yes, My Canadian Pharmacy has create return policy rules to protect the customer. However, they apply only to a limited number of products listed on the site. Contact company consultants for more information.

Basic information about reimbursement:

  • My Canadian Pharmacy provides 100% reimbursement options, for products with a damaged seal, leaks and so on.
  • To get a reimbursement, contact the Pharmacy within 14 days from the date of parcel delivery.

Coupon/bonuses flexibility at My Canadian Pharmacy

Here is an attractive list of special offers that is relevant:

  • 4 free bonus pills for every order
  • Free Regular Airmail delivery (10-21 days) for large orders (from $150);
  • Free Express Courier delivery (US Customers Only) (8-14 days) for large orders (from $300);
  • Free insurance (reshipment in the event of a failed delivery) for orders from $200.

discounts and coupons

The website site of My Canadian Pharmacy (http://www.mycanadianpharmacyrx.com) has become synonymous to discount drugs online; but are they as good as they claim to be? A lot of discounts and bonuses, as well as hot deals and seasonal sales seem to be rotating there year round, attracting customers and getting them to place an order at whichever price. Then again, this kind of self-promotion is what every e-commerce player out there is involved in, and in case of this drugstore the quality and the price ratio at least seem to be winning, based mostly on customer feedback. The final say of experts is that the drugstore is worth its salt.