Canadian Family Pharmacy history was related to us by the Director of external relations of the company’ representative office in Canada and the U.S., Andrew Jones.

Canadian Family Pharmacy

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– What place does Canadian Family Pharmacy occupy in the world pharmaceutical market?

– Canadian Family Pharmacy is a company that has made a breakthrough in the international pharmaceutical market. Twenty years ago, it began to make and supply reproduced medicines around the world, or generics manufactured to the highest quality standards. The company has proved that generics can be as effective as original medicines, while they are much more affordable. Thanks to this, more patients were able to get high-quality medicines. Today, our company is the world leader in the distribution of generics. Considering the different dosages, the form of release, the size of the package and so on, we sell about 20 thousand units of various products. This is 37 billion tablets and capsules per year. All of them are certified in accordance with the latest international requirements.

– How was Canadian Family Pharmacy created?

– This global enterprise began in the distant 1990s as a simple family pharmacy in Canada. Over time, it has become the largest company in the economy of Canada and to this day retains this honorary status.

– What is the structure of your assortment?

– We have a balanced business model: in addition to generics, we also supply innovative drugs. There are not many molecules, but they are among the world’s best sellers. So, we are leading in the field of treatment of multiple sclerosis. Canadian Family Pharmacy also distributes a wide range of non-prescription drugs and branded generics. One of our promising areas is the exploration of new possibilities in the application of already known means. This may relate to the expansion in the field of application of drugs for new therapeutic indications. These can be new combinations of known active substances and new forms of drug delivery into the body. We believe that it is Canadian Family Pharmacy that is able to realize this direction, because its research and development unit represents a unique combination of knowledge in the field of both innovative and generic scientific developments.

– Canadian Family Pharmacy is the world leader in the generic market. Tell us, please, what are branded generics and how do they differ from traditional versions?

– Generics are drugs that have the same active substance as the original, patented product. In a number of cases, generics should be branded. In particular, it is important when it comes to preparations that are unique to this particular market. In addition, branding needs generics with improved properties. Finally, branding generics is necessary if there is no guarantee of a single and high quality standard in the market. Today, this standard is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). However, not all countries have introduced mandatory compliance with the standard of medicines on their market. And the doctor needs to have predictability of quality, and if he recommends branded generics, he knows what will be treated.

That’s why today branded generics make up more than 80 percent of all generics sold in global market. All over the world, the fact is recognized that Canadian Family Pharmacy pays paramount importance to quality issues.

– Does Canadian Family Pharmacy have the know-how to work with doctors and pharmacists?

– We have a common goal with the doctors and pharmacists – the patient’s health. A focus on quality and affordable health care makes us partners with the medical community. One of our advantages is that we carefully treat the selection and training of employees. The system of introductory training gives a guarantee that our representative is an expert in medical issues, knows the properties of products, is able to answer all questions, can find out more information about the side-effects from the doctors and transfer it to the parent organization. Many of our leaders began their careers as medical representatives, so we know perfectly well what doctors want to get from us. Seeing the competence of our employees, doctors perceive us primarily as colleagues who share knowledge and help treat people.

Many people say that companies need to localize production to succeed on the global market. Do you plan something like that?

– Yes, indeed. The quality of products will meet the highest international standards of good manufacturing practice. The products will be delivered to any country in the world. The design capacity of the first stage will be one billion tablets per year. Local authorities welcomed our initiative and provided us with the necessary support.

– Are you talking only about the production of tablets?

– Injection preparations are a sterile production, other conditions and technologies are needed to create them. In the longer term, we are considering the expansion of the range and volume of products.