All people suffer from definite problems that are associated with emotions and stressful situations. Nevertheless, they can be dealt with some time and effort. Still, there are real psychological ailments and deviations that can be treated only if taking specially designed remedies. One of the most renowned and effective remedies is Zoloft.

Zoloftis a powerful and resourceful antidepressant. It derives from the group of special drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Any mental ailments take place due to the imbalance of neurotransmitters, which are likewise called natural chemicals. They regulate the mood, behavior,andwell-being of people. Once their balance is violated, there take place different complications.

When there are enormous amounts of neurotransmitters, a person may become overly excited, aggressive and so on. The low presence of chemicals develops such ailments like depressions and others. The main active ingredient of this remedy is called Sertraline. This substance acts directly in the cerebrum and brings to the common balance all natural chemicals. Thus, the normal behavior of a person will be recovered.

Zoloft is commonly prescribed forthe following ailments:

  • different types of depression,
  • panic attacks,
  • anxiety disorder,
  • obsessive-compulsive symptoms,
  • stress disorderthat appears after strong emotional trauma,
  • premenstrualdysphoric disorder.

Important Facts

If you are going to take this medicine, you should learn definite conditions and events when its treatment may be hazardous to your health. There are various reasons for that. They differ from one case to another. Accordingly, you should learn the full list and tell your doctor if you have any contraindications for the use.

The drug is contraindicated in patients who took MAO inhibitors in the last 14 days. In addition, there are many other drugs that should never be taken simultaneously with Zoloft. You should clarify this essential matter with an expert. Otherwise, you are risking to receive utterly severe health complications.

It is contraindicated for people suffering from heart problems, increased blood pressure, liver and kidney sicknesses, convulsions, bleeding cases, decreased levels of sodium in theblood.

Mind that it should never be taken if you suffer from bipolar disorder. Under such event, young people may tend to have a suicidal behavior and undertake the attempts of suicide.

The administration with this preparation is denied for the cases of taking medical stimulants, opioid drugs, herbal essences, other depressants and some other products.

Avoid taking Zoloft if you suffer from headaches, Parkinson’s disease, severe infections and certain digestive problems. Take this preparation in a strict accordance with the prescriptions of your doctor. Each dosing regime is appointed individually depending on the type of disease, its severity, personal tolerance to the preparation by a patient and some personal health peculiarities. The increase or decrease of a dosage can be appointed by a doctor only. Do not violate the prescribed doses. Otherwise, you may get overdosed and suffer from abnormally severe health troubles.

Potential Adverse Effects

Zoloft is a powerful remedy and such products do not act without some dissatisfying consequences. Commonly, the character of adverse effects is not serious and soon withdraws. The organism simply needs some time to get used to the presence of new substances inside. Serious complications appear only if taking too much of the preparation or if ignoring special warnings and precautions.

The typical negative consequences are:

  • seizures;
  • difficulty vision;
  • eye pains;
  • swelling of the eyes;
  • migraines;
  • confusion;
  • troubles with memory capacity;
  • serious and frequent weakness;
  • racing thoughts;
  • uncommon inflows of energy;
  • unconventional behavior that can threaten your own life;
  • increased talkativeness, aggressiveness and similar conditions;
  • drowsiness;
  • digestive deviations;
  • lowered appetite;
  • uncommon sweating;
  • trembling;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • lowered sex drive;
  • temporary impotence;
  • troubles when reaching an orgasm.

There is a special warning concerning symptoms of serotonin syndrome, which may likewise take place. It is commonly accompanied by agitation, hallucinations cases, fever, shivering, an increased heartbeat, stiffed muscles, violated coordination, cases of diarrhea and some other problems with digestion. Mind that this is not a complete list of all possible adverse reactions. There may develop rarer effects. Consult an expert on this matter.